Will Warner Bros. cancel The Flash Movie next?

Will Warner Bros. cancel The Flash Movie next? ...

It's been a tumultuous few years for Warner Bros. and the DCEU. After a few disappointing years that led to the franchise never really getting its footing, the studios - along with the entire world - had to deal with the threats of a global epidemic. Now, films likeThe Flash are expected to get the franchise back on track in 2023.

TheFlash's release has been a bit improbable as of late. Many have questioned whether or not WB would ever consider retaliating.

The idea of a Flashcancellation seems to be realer than ever after recent reports of the upcomingBatgirlmovie being canned.

Is Warner Bros. in the position to postpone the release of The Flash?

Fans are speculating that the Warner Bros. Batgirl will be canceled, but it's not clear if The Flash from next year's season could be next on the cutting block.

Jeffrey Snieder of The Ankler responded to fans who were joking about why Batgirl was put on pause amidst rumors about TheFlashby saying that"it's about the movie, not the actors," stating that WB is not "shelving The Flash."

"Because its about the film, not the actors. They arent shelving The Flash. Stop it."

Steven Weintraub of Collider resigned from the same position, saying he'd "heard [Batgirl] is not good," implying that its quality played a role in its axing:

"Heard the film isn't great, and this is me being nice." I'd wager if the film had been fantastic or even close to excellent, they would have released it."

TheBatgirlcancellation was not a question of quality, but rather "the desire for the studios' DC features to be on a massive scale," according to Variety.

But that hasn't stopped the DC faithful from speculating about the future ofThe Flash. We Live Entertainment's Awards Editor Zoe Bryant tweeted in response to Batgirl's canceled, saying, "Meanwhile Ezra Miller has been assaulting people around the world," and "The Flash is still scheduled to have a spectacular theatrical premiere next summer."

"Why is the flash still on schedule despite the ezra miller controversy if they can cancel a completed film just like that?"

Batgirl, a film with a POC lead, is now cancelled by WB/Discovery.

Ezra Miller kidnaps three women and assaults another, and is still hiding, but The Flash will not be cancelled by WB/DC.

It's a poor look, at least.

Another WB/DC L"

"WB not canceling The Flash after all the Ezra Miller bullshit, but they cancel Batgirl????? HUH?????"

All that is out there is fan speculation, but it appears unlikely thatThe Flash will be wiped from the slate due to the amount of investment WB has already made, being over double the budget of Batgirl.

Should Warner Bros. cancel The Flash?

So the million-dollar question at this moment is - should WB cancel Ezra Miller's The Flash? In light of the studio'sBatgirlaxing, some would say yes, but the two films should be seen as separate events.

Batgirl's unfortunate demise is attributed to Warner Bros Discovery's desire to go in a different direction and had no desire to release films exclusively for streaming anymore. It's up to one to decide whether or not one believes that after earlier this year ofBatgirl's apparently moving from HBO Max to theaters, or whether or not.

The Flash, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Should it be canceled? After the last few months of controversy surrounding the film's star, some would think so. However, that has nothing to do with Batgirl. The studio has already invested heavily in The Flash, and it is precisely what the studio wants.

Both films may be canceled because to a reason. Whether or not a majority of fans agree with that assertion is another matter altogether.

The Flash is expected to debut in cinemas on June 23, 2023, as it currently stands.

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