Official Ms. Marvel Art Shows Deleted X-Men Cyclops Easter Egg (Photo)

Official Ms. Marvel Art Shows Deleted X-Men Cyclops Easter Egg (Photo) ...

Ms. Marvel's first episode was jam-packed with MCU Easter eggs, mainly due to the introduction of AvengerCon, a fan convention that draws avid Avengers enthusiasts from around the world. The AvengerCon sequence is one of the most exciting scenes in the Disney+ series, topped by Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan.

Disney has released an official website for the AvengerCon sequence, which gives viewers an inside look at the huge MCUevent.Ms. Marvelexecutive producer Bisha K. Ali also revealed some of the scrapped cameos from AvengerCon, confirming that Korg swung horselike the Pegasus inAvengers: Endgame.

A major X-Men remark appears to have almost become a part of AvengerCon.

Ms. Marvel almost featured Cyclops from the X-Doom Men.

Shae Shaz, a British concept artist, shared new promotional images from the Disney+ series that included an unexpected Easter egg tied to the X-Men.

In Episode 1, official concept art featured scenes from the AvengerCon sequence, with an X-Men cosplayer dressed as Cyclops in the background:

Below you can see a closer look at the Cyclops cosplayer:

The outfit the cosplayer is wearing appears to resemble what Cyclops wore inUncanny X-Men #500: A Strange Journey

Another image demonstrates that a Stormtrooper was almost featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series:

In this new concept art, Ant-Man and Hulk take the spotlight.

A different perspective of Paul Rudd's Giant-Man from an AvengerCon display was also unveiled:

When Will the MCU Release the X-Men?

Any MCU fan would have gotten a surprise, but it would have also raised some doubts about the franchise's continued existence. It's possible that concept artist Shae Shaz placed the X-Men Easter egg as a fun nod to the mutants before the studio prohibited him from making such a reference in the image. The same applies to the Stormtrooper's appearance.

The timetable for Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men to be properly introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unknown, but Ms. Marvel's confirmation that Kamala Khan is a mutant might hint that the formidable group of heroes will soon be introduced. It's probable that Marvel Studios will resolve the storylines first before revealing the mutants.

Given the strong connection between the X-Men leader and Kamala from the comics, it's also appropriate that the shattered Easter egg be tied to Cyclops. In the aftermath of Civil War II from Marvel Comics, Kamala, Spider-Man, and Nova separated from the Avengers to form a new team called the Champions.

Kamala's new team is a time-displaced version of Cyclops. The pair formed a strong bond with one another, cementingKamala's friendship with Cyclops as one of her lasting bonds to the mutants.

This Easter egg may be a reference to the comics' strong bond, indicating that a similar bond may be formed in the future.

All episodes of Ms. Marvel are now available for download on Disney+.

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