Jake Gyllenhaal is staring in a remake of Patrick Swayzes' best film

Jake Gyllenhaal is staring in a remake of Patrick Swayzes' best film ...

The Road House reboot has been reimagined by a cult classic, with a few new characters to follow. Both are well-known fighters who have recently left the ring, according to Deadline. The film will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, and it's expected to be released sometime after that.

Jake Gyllenhaal is rebooting Road House, and there's a good possibility it'll uphold the original. It'll have the same names, but some of the beats will be altered to make it stand out from the rest.

Jake Gyllenhaal will play a similar character to Patrick Swayzes James Dalton from the original Road House film. Both are well-known fighters who have been tasked with securing security at a pub where things have gone awry. Those who are in charge of this reboot include a local tycoon who threatens the lives of other people who stand in his way.

Other notables will join Jake Gyllenhaal in the Road House reboot. This latest announcement around the reboot is intended to highlight their roles. It's not clear what the former is, but Melchior might be the love interest. In the original Patrick Swayzes character fell in love with a local doctor played by Kelly Lynch.

Doug Liman is in the director's chair, giving the impression that this film will be more focused on the action than the original. Liman has directed films like the Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and Jason Bourne as well as Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. This will be his first collaboration with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Now that the cast and locations are all set, Jake Gyllenhaal and his crew are unlikely to be too far from starting filming. Road House is expected to be available on Amazon Prime Video and will be available exclusively on the service. Just lets hope it can live up to the Patrick Swayze original. It certainly does have a chance, according to reports.

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