Nichelle Nichols Gets Heartfelt Words From Whoopi Goldberg

Nichelle Nichols Gets Heartfelt Words From Whoopi Goldberg ...

Nichelle Nichols, a well-known actress and pop culture icon, was described as a pioneering woman on both the daytime and nighttime talk showThe View and her subsequent roles on the Star Trek franchise. She also received an Academy Award for her portrayal of Nyota Uhura in the 1993 filmMade in America, which she later directed.

When it comes to describing certain actors who have graced the screens of movies and television, it may be difficult to invoke phrases like groundbreaking or one-of-a-kind. For well-known actors and pop culture icons Whoopi Goldberg, there may be no other person that fits this mold better than Nichelle Nichols, who passed away at the age of 89 last week, and her legacy was tenfold due to her performances as Nyota Uhura in theStar Trekfranchise as well as her

Whoopi Goldberg, host of talk show The View, spoke out publicly about Nichelle Nichols' unconventional presence on network television at a time when such a person simply did not exist. She called the actress the first Black person Ive ever seen who would pursue a career in space.

Nichelle Nichols and Whoopi Goldberg both played Uhura, the communications officer of the USS Enterprise, in iterations of the Star Trektelevision series and subsequent films. Nichols played Uhura during her first run ofStar Trek and reprised it in six subsequent films.Zoe Saldanatook over the role when the franchise rebooted for a new generation beginning with 2009Star Trek directed by J.J. Abrams.

Nichelle Nichols was evidently emotional when talking about her. Goldberg is well-known for winning an Academy Award for her role in Ghost, the first time since 1939s Hattie McDaniel that a Black woman has won an Academy Award. She has also received an Emmy, Grammy, and Tony nomination throughout her long career.

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