On HBO Max, Stream It Or Skip It: Industry Season 2 is a documentary about young and evil investment bankers returning to their old ways

On HBO Max, Stream It Or Skip It: Industry Season 2 is a documentary about young and evil investment ...

Industry (HBO Max) enters the second season with a keen eye to assess the splintering effect of COVID on the financial world in general, and Pierpoint's new staffers. Yes, the bright young things were offered full-time positions at the end of last season, but all the epidemic did was make the already bloodthirsty environment even more deadly.

INDUSTRY SEASON 2: STREAM IT OR SKIP IT?Ken Leung, a veteran of Lost, has spent the last year in a hotel room, and has stayed in touch with Yasmin on her weekly vacation.She's been a fantastic supporter of Harper and her own family.However, she doesn't understand why she's doing well.

Harper Stern has been absent from Pierpoint for the last year, both living and working there. She eats soft drinks. She sleeps with whom she wants. She happily hazes Venetia Berens (Indy Lewis), her FXS desk rookie. The pressures on to perform

Bill Adler (Trevor White) of New York has a passion for producing; the people who cover the biggest accounts and those who convert new clients. Daniel Van Deventer (Alex Alomar Akpobome) has also arrived from NYC, his grinning finance golden boy disposition not removing his bloodless certainty. Producers survive and eat. Everyone else is chum.

Harper and Yasmin are still at odds. Cunt, Harper says; Yas mutters. Rishi (Sagar Radia) isnt happy with Harper's return. It's just that she's sat in Jesse Blooms corner, watching him dry up. It's likely she'll find a lot of money in her Pierpoint portfolio when she joins the firm's small upper floors.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Succession ringes in the margins of Industry, where characters mix their wisecracks and clap backs with straightforward fighting words. And while Billions is populated with the could maybe haves, Industry is populated with young talent hungry for power.

Our Take: After first requesting that she return to the game physically, Eric asks Harper to modify one of Yasmin's foreign exchange calls and make a better offer. Ultimately, everything they say or do is a weapon used to gain ground.

From the jump, Harper and Yasmin are squared off in the octagon. But what kind of seismic shift would happen if Yas fell into Celestes private wealth sphere? Does Rishi step into the breach as Harpers main sales floor foe? Industry can make you irritated, with all of the bad its characters wish on each other, but it only means it is doing its job, letting these people loose to be as bad as they are.

Yasmin and Maxim spend the night together, Robs hookup reveals his misgivings in the bedroom, and Harpers drunken night leaves her without her shirt in the harsh light of day.

It's probably unwise to stand up Eric at their scheduled breakfast meeting with Pierpoint whale Felim Bichan (Andrew Buchan). There's Harper, front and center at the Q&A where Jesse Bloom is speaking.

Ken Leung, who has starred in Lost, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and NBC's The Night Shift, is terrific in every single scene as Eric Tao, Pierpoints manager of cross-product sales. He reveals to Harper upon her tentative return to the sales floor: Youre sloppy. New York will notice.

Yasmin loses all pretense with her greatest work foe in a drunken afterwork event. I cannot speak up to your fucking whining, your bullshit, your rationalizations. I've given up on it. Youre a black hole. They're going to spend the whole season sparring.

Our Call: STREAM IT. Industry is flooded with individuals who are utterly selfish towards one another and making blatantly personal actions for financial gain, all of which make all of their machinations seem very relatable to viewers. Their greed is good for us.

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