The 11 Best Netflix New Shows: August 2022s Most Important Series to See

The 11 Best Netflix New Shows: August 2022s Most Important Series to See ...

Netflix has a ton of new content available for download this August that will send the end of summer streaming on a high note. Once you get a good look at the wide variety of Netflix Original series to take their place, you will not be disappointed for the duration. With everything from brand new titles to long-awaited fan favorites, Netflix's August 2022 premieres are guaranteed to have something for everyone.

With premieres from highly-anticipated new episodes of hit shows across several different genres, like Never Have I Ever and Locke & Key, the streamer is able to assist you in celebrating the new month.

The Sandman, Mo, Partner Track, and Tekken: Bloodline are among the most anticipated shows on Netflix's August streaming lineup.

So what makes up the top 11 of our list, and which of them has the experience needed to be included in Netflix's Top 10? Continue reading to marvel at the list of streaming standouts for August 2022.

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Season 3 of 'Never Have I Ever' is over.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Darren Barnet, Jaren Lewison, Richa Moorjani, Lee Rodriguez, John McEnroe, Niecy Nash, Anirudh Pisharody, Deacon Phillippe


Mindy Kaling's popular Netflix Original comedy-drama series is finally back! This latest batch of episodes may begin with Devi (Ramakrishnan) and her best friends as single gals no longer, but that doesnt mean that their previous worries and problems have been magically resolved. Theyre about to discover that relationships come with their own set of difficulties and difficulties, making for a remarkable season of self-discovery, mistakes, and personal growth.

Never Have I Everon Netflix

'The Sandman' is a film about a man who has spent the majority of his life in prison.

CAST:Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Chaudhry, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Jenna Coleman, Joely Richardson, David Thewlis, Kyo Ra, Razane Jammal, and Sandra James-Young


The Sandman is a fantasy drama series centered around Morpheus (Sturridge), the king of dreams, who was captured in 1916 and held captive for the subsequent 105 years. Also known as The Dreaming, the Sandman is a fantasy drama series based on Neil Gaiman's 1989-1996 DC comic book of the same name.

The Sandmanon is now available on Netflix.

Season 3 of 'Locke & Key'

CAST:Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Petrice Jones, Laysla De Oliveira, Kevin Durand, Petrice Jones, Brendan Hines, and Aaron Ashmore


DESCRIPTION:With this third season, the thrilling Netflix Original series Locke & Key officially comes to an end. The family's beloved locks are introduced one last time as they prepare to face a deadly new foe in the epic ending episodes of Locke & Key.

Locke & Keyon Netflix is now available.

'Mo,' says the rapper.

MO Amer, Farah Bsieso, Teresa Ruiz, Omar Elba, and Tobe Nwigwe are all members of the CAST.


DESCRIPTION:In Texas, Mo Najjar (Amer) crosses the line between two cultures, three languages, and a pending asylum request while hustling to support his Palestinian family as a refugee on the path to becoming a citizen of the United States, covering everything from the difficult process of immigrating to a new country to doing right by your family even if they don't always agree with how you approach doing it, and so much more.

Moon is now available on Netflix.

'Partner Track' is a term used by many companies to refer to as a "partner track."

Arden Cho, Dominic Sherwood, Alexandra Turshen, Matthew Rauch, Nolan Gerard Funk, Rob Heaps, Bradley Gibson, and Roby Attal are among the CAST members.


Partner Track follows Ingrid Yun (Cho) as she battles friendships, love, family expectations, and attempts to maintain a strong moral compass from start to finish.

Partner Netflix for streaming

Book 3 of the 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood'

CAST:Yuri Lowenthal, Lara Pulver, Tony Todd, Troy Baker, Freya Tingley, Josh Keaton, Kari Wahlgren, Alix Wilton Regan, Stephanie Jacobsen, Matthew Waterson, JB Blanc, Doug Bradley, Julie Nathanson, Victoria Atkin


DOTA: Dragons Blood: Book 3 begins in the middle of all the glorious, fiery action as brave warriors fight off a deadly foe that they have never encountered before. Will it be enough to bring about lasting peace and save the world?

Dragon's Blood on Netflix (StreamDOTA)

Woodstock '99: 'Clusterf**k'

JONAthan Davis, Jewel, Fatboy Slim, Gavin Rossdale, Michael Lang, Sheryl Crow, DMX, The Roots, Insane Clown Posse, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, and Ice Cube are all on the rise.


Clusterf**k: Woodstock 99 is a three-part series that examines why, following the success and peace of 1969's legendary music festival, Woodstock, it's 1999 rebirth, causing many to wonder what happened to this day.

Clusterf**k: Woodstock '99 is now available on Netflix.

'Tekken: Bloodline' is a video game developed by Steven Spielberg.

Isshin Chiba, Mamiko Noto, Taiten Kusunoki, Masanori Shinohara, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakamoto, Hochu Otsuka, Seiko Yoshida, Hidenari Ugaki


DESCRIPTION:Dangers Blood, Tekken: Bloodline is a Netflix Original Anime that was adapted from a fighting video game. Tekken: Bloodline is centered around hot-tempered fighter Jin Kazama (Chiba) who is training with his family to learn their unique Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts in order to slay his demon who once destroyed his house. In his quest to conquer the world's greatest martial arts tournament, Jin embarks on a

Tekken: Bloodlineon is now available on Netflix.

Season 3 of 'I Am A Killer'



DESCRIPTION:This is the third season of this unsettling yet utterly engrossing crime docu-series that allows for unprecedented access to murderers on death row, walking viewers through their own desires as well as their current thoughts about their actions that affected both their lives and theirs.

I Am A Killeron Netflix: Stream It Now!

Part 2 of 'The Cuphead Show'

CAST:Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro, Grey Griffin, Joe Hanna, Luke Millington-Drake, Chris Wylde, Rick Zieff, Wayne Brady


DESCRIPTION:In the second batch of episodes of this character-driven Netflix Original animated musical family series, viewers continue to follow the misadventures of Cuphead (Valentino) and his cautious yet easily swayed brother Mugman (Todaro). There's something for everyone in The Cuphead Show, so be sure to tune in to ensure a carefree and delightful streaming experience for all this August.

The Cuphead Show can be viewed on Netflix.

'Selling the OC' is a term used in the film.

CAST:Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Alexandra Rose, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, Tyler Stanaland


Netflix has got you covered with their brand new Original series Selling the Oceanfront. As the Oppenheim Group expands into Orange County, there's unsurprisingly plenty of drama to be found as big personalities (and not one, not two, but three different agents named Alexandra) collide in major ways, making for a delicious new summer streaming option.

The OCon is being sold on Netflix.

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