Beyonce's ALIEN SUPERSTAR Memes and Tweets

Beyonce's ALIEN SUPERSTAR Memes and Tweets ...

The intergalactic dance anthem ALIEN SUPERSTAR is being hailed by Beyonce's seventh studio album since it was released on July 29, and has been trending as the No. 1 song on Apple Music ever since. It has even been dubbed the song of the summer by The Daily Beast, and the song that, if we had any inkling, should be our collective obsession for the year.

The lyrics to ALIEN SUPERSTAR are metaphorical, indicating that the 28-time Grammy winner is completely different from the rest of the pop culture she has long admired. AAVE is a recognized language in PoC and LGBTQ+ communities as well as ballroom culture, and Beyonce dedicated the album to her Uncle Jonny, a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

ALIEN SUPERSTAR is expected to debut in the top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Break My Soul is No. 6 on the chart, with famous personalities like Keke Palmer, Kerry Washington, and Kim Petras voicing their opinions.

In funny and moving tweets, fans lauded the product.

And the memes for ALIEN SUPERSTAR are abounding.

Others are completely leaning into the uplifting lyrics.

Many have claimed that ALIEN SUPERSTAR is a top-tier track from the album, and joked that it has a hold on them and their listening habits.

On August 1, ALIEN SUPERSTAR was also popular on Twitter for a different reason: When asked how a song might have 24 writers, Beyonce's answer may be attributed to the samples (including a sample from Right Said Freds 1991 song Im Too Sexy, a spoken word sample from Barbara Ann Teers' speech Black Theatre, and references to Princes International Lover). Warren later clarified that this isnt intended as a shade and apologized directly to Beyonce.

If you want to excuse us, you'll want to be listening to ALIEN SUPERSTAR on an endless loop.

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