A Comparative Look At The California Design Den Weighted Blanket

A Comparative Look At The California Design Den Weighted Blanket ...

To get through a stressful or anxious episode, there are so many quick and easy strategies. You can go for a walk, take a warm shower, call a friend, or simply slip under a comfortable weighted blanket. However, do they really work?

The California Design Dens knit weighted blanket, which weighs in at 15 pounds, is a great way to help you feel happy and at ease, and maybe even more rested, all by simply draping it over your body.

Although I had high hopes, I couldnt help but think about my previous experiences with weighted blankets. I used to have one filled with steel beads that was so heavy it felt like an apron you take off before an X-ray because it was too uncomfortable, too hot, and because it made my stress worse as I sat under it, wet and tired.

Self-care devices evolve and improve constantly, especially when businesses strive to become more user-friendly. For example, the California Design Den blanket has no metal in it at all. Its all woven together to make a cute, breathable blanket that looks like anything else you'd throw over the back of a couch. (And its even machine washable!)

Could this product, despite being slightly lighter and more visually appealing, be helpful in relieving my stress? Continue reading for my honest review.

Quick Facts

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a lot like a regular throw, only heavier. It serves a special purpose. According to Kelley Bonner, LCSW, she is a licensed clinical social worker and expert company culture strategist.

The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

According to Dr. Meghan Marcum, AMFM Healthcare's chief psychologist, the deep pressure stimulation actually stimulates neurotransmitters release, and also reduces stress hormone cortisol. Basically, the weight sends a message to your body and mind that everything is okay, and that it's okay to get up.

Bonner explains that lying under a blanket like this may also help to fall asleep. Although research on weighted blankets is relatively new, promising studies demonstrate how weighted blankets may reduce anxiety symptoms and insomnia.

Weighted blankets aren't just for the anxious or the tired. According to Marcum, they're also beneficial for individuals with sensory disabilities. They may feel soothing if you suffer from ADHD. And they may also be beneficial if you don't have any of the above, but simply enjoy the weight of a heavy blanket. (They are, after all, cozy!)

My Experience

If I may add, when I opened the California Design Den knit blanket, which came in a rugged duffle bag, it was obvious that it was different from the metal blanket I had previously used. It was light, but not so dense that using it felt like a workout. It was also a lot lighter since it was made of 100% cotton.

Even though it was a blazing 95 degrees outside, the blanket did not make me feel suffocating or dreadful. That's because the fabric is woven tightly, but not so tight that air cant pass through. This allowed my body temperature to stay quite right throughout the summer.

The blanket was slung around my apartment for a few days. I drew it across my legs while I was working, secluded myself while watching movies, and stowed it over me in the bed. I did end up tossing it off during the night, because Im a weird person.

The Results

Although this blanket may be luxurious, it did not completely alleviate my stress or anxiety or send me off to dreamland. That's after all, a lot to ask of a piece of fabric, and it's certainly not something that any blanket company guarantees.

Whether its due to deep pressure therapy that helped release serotonin in my brain, or because it's nice to be cozy, it didn't really matter. If I can add one more tool to my proverbial mental well-being tool chest, please do it.

Similar Products

Bearaby's Tree Napper weighted blanket is a great alternative. This blanket is made from natural eucalyptus fibers, so it is very soft to the touch. It's a bit pricey but might be worth a try, especially since it comes in a variety of attractive colors.

The verdict

Although I may not want or need to wear a heavy blanket all the time, I have decided that I prefer to have one around as an option. If Im stressed or anxious, I can just throw it over my lap to relax. It doesnt hurt that the woven design is adorable.

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