Summer 2022's Hottest Eyewear Trend: Wraparound Sunglasses

Summer 2022's Hottest Eyewear Trend: Wraparound Sunglasses ...

Sporty wraparounds are popping up everywhere this summer, as well as on the faces of celebrities and influencers alike. The futuristic look which you might refer to as alien shades is having a major moment this summer. They have become so popular in the last couple of months that they'll be even more popular in fall (UV protection is no season!).

The Zenon-style accessory was once reserved for golf dads, frat bros, and guys with a truck as their profile photo. Everyone from fashion models such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emma Chamberlain to pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa has adopted it.

Sports enthusiasts used spectacles before they became fashionable, because they offer enhanced visibility because to their wraparound shape. They are designed to hug your face's contours, providing peripheral coverage, keeping the sun out from all angles of your visual field.

So, these performance-style shades are not only cool and chic, but they're also functional, hence why the Kardashians wear them to the beach every summer and why stars such as Megan Thee Stallion rock them on stage.

I searched the good old fashioned internet for the best wraparound sunglasses on the market, including brands such as Nike, Lexxola, Gentle Monster, and others. Go ahead, pick your favorite.

This pink style is giving Barbiecore the nickname, and they're calling my name.

These wraparounds are a matte black frame with warm lenses.

The popular ultra-chic Neo is available in seven different colors. Gotta love these options.

Nikes Victory Road is a multi-purpose bike that has been designed for competitive runners. It offers superior comfort and exceptional performance.

Do you want to wear a style that says, yes, I just stepped off a spaceship? Look no further.

Oakleys Gascan sunglasses are a minimal interpretation of the wraparound eyewear trend. The black-on-black look will go with anything.

This pair has an unexpected metallic green lens, but they also come in blue, champagne, and brown.

These ONeill wraparounds are a great option if you like tortoiseshell.

These items are designed to enhance your golf game, but they'll also enhance your outfit.

The Gentle Monster frames have nothing to do with them. Look at those violet gradient lenses.

Please excuse me while I add this chic purple shade to my cart.

These Maui Jim sunnies have a somewhat different appearance.

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