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After significant investments, KeyLogic fully integrates after significant investment

After significant investments, KeyLogic fully integrates after significant investment

KeyLogic plans to build a top-tier company to support its customers' critical operations in energy, commerce, and defense sectors. After several years of strategic investments and acquisitions, KeyLogic is launching its fully integrated, purposely built company (, unlocking and empowering enhanced capabilities. KeyLogic optimizes its resources and expertise at scale with agility and innovation. It focuses on its customers' complex missions, data intensive challenges, and security imperatives.

"We saw a void in the mid-market for nimble, focused supplier in energy, federal civil forces and defense space," said Jeannette Lee, KeyLogic CEO. "Our powerful, mid-tier company provides world-class capabilities in target areas, with agility and agility to serve critical missions with focus and speed."

The architecture behind the new KeyLogic provides an complete and impactful offering to its customers, bolstering its capabilities in mission management, systems research and analysis, data science, digital transformation and cybersecurity. The growth was derived from integrating KeyLogic Systems, LLC, OnLocation, Inc., Information International Associates, INC. and R2i LLC. The company's collective name is now KeyLogic.

KeyLogic employs more than 700 team members including systems designers, developers, data scientists, IT and cybersecurity specialists, engineers, mission experts, program managers, and more. This multidisciplinary team works together solving challenging problems with anticipatory service, extending a step ahead, and finally helping build efficiencies in bringing our customers.

Supporting critical missions at the intersection of data and science, helping support critical mission at critical intersections of science and data, KeyLogic provides strategic management, system analysis, data analysis and digital transformation to customers in the energy, the federal civil and the defense sectors with a decade of success supporting DOE, DOC, EEPA, DOD, DHS, FBI With unsurpassed anticipatory service, we help our customers solve the world's most challenging problems. For more information on KeyLogic, please visit Keylogic.

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