After anti-renaissance reaction, Monica Lewinsky demands that Beyonce remove a lyric about the Clinton affair

After anti-renaissance reaction, Monica Lewinsky demands that Beyonce remove a lyric about the Clint ...

After the singers' team announced that Beyonce would remove a line from her most recent album that contained an ableist slur on Tuesday, August 2, Monica Lewinsky tweeted aVariety article asking for Beyonce to update an old song. Uhmm, while we were at it #Partition.

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The surprise-releasedBeyonce's 2013 song makes an explicit reference to Monica's scandalous relationship with former President Bill Clinton while he was in office. He popped all my buttons, and ripped my blouse/He Monica-Lewinksyd all on my gown, Bey sang on the track.

Monicas demand for a lyric removal came shortly after Bey was reported to be removing a lie from her new album Rennaisance.Activists had slammed her for the phrase Spazzin on that a, spazz on that a, pointing out that the term is ableist. Hannah Diviney wrote a piece for The Guardian, criticizing the singer for using the term. Language you can be assured I will never dismiss, no matter who it is or what the circumstances are

The Grammy winner responded to the controversy via a statement from her team, saying the word, used intentionally in a harmful manner, would be replaced. According to Variety, the word will not be used by Beyonce's team.

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Monicas controversial scandal has turned into an activist, speaking out against the public shaming she received in the wake of her affair with the former president. She even produced a documentary for HBOMax called15 Minutes of Shameback in October 2021.

After outrage over using the word, theLemonadepopstar, she changed the lyrics for her new albumSpecial. Lizzo said in an Instagram post that she never intended to promote derogatory language. This is my commitment to being a part of the change I've long desired to see.

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