Expert Tips on How To Change Your Hair Color From Summer To Fall

Expert Tips on How To Change Your Hair Color From Summer To Fall ...

While it is frustrating to say this, summer is coming to an end, and fall is coming to an end. It's time to start thinking about changing your hair color to match the new season. Go see this video below.


Joanna shared her tips on how to seamlessly change your hair color, what to ask for at the salon, and how to maintain strong hair during your coloring sessions.

Joanna said, "I always think of warm tones as soon as fall comes around the corner." Chocolate is a shade of brown that has warm reddish undertones. These days it's all about adding dimension in the hair." So tell your colorist to preserve those highlights.

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Joanna shared her thoughts on what you should use at the salon. Once the summer comes, its time to brighten up the hair. If you're ready to change it up, ask for a single procedure, but tell your colorist to save your highlights so that you may use a nice toner/gloss after the single is done. This not only smooths the hair, but also gives it more shine.

Joanna assured us that changing your hair color can be quite intimidating, and that you may do it without going to extreme lengths. If going overall dark is too scary for you or you are just not ready, here's a great way to transition to a rich fall hair color.

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Joanna suggests that you get your colorist to weave out chunky pieces so that they pop and you get a ribbon effect. You can go from one to two levels darker and add warm tones. It gradually fades with shampoos.

Joanna advised against washing your hair every day unless you workout a lot. This will save your color and your hair.

Joanna's final piece of advice is: "Invest in your hair, because it is the crown you never wear."

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