Tabby and Imogen Go To Dark Places Searching For The Truth In PLL: Original Sins

Tabby and Imogen Go To Dark Places Searching For The Truth In PLL: Original Sins ...

Chandler Kinney is having an amoment. Just weeks after the release of Zombies 3 on Disney+, Chandler is now starring in the critically acclaimed HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. The new series is a hybrid of iconic slasher films and teen dramas.

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After the first three episodes of HollywoodLife, Chandler gave us a FULLER DETAILS ABOUT Tabby and the others. From the characters in Wes to the past mysteries to investigating the cracks in Tabby's mother's relationship, the drama is just beginning.

Chandler Kinney: Thats a very good question. Wes is creepy and quite inappropriate. Derek Klena is so kind and kind on the set. He was always so sweet and so helpful on set. She was always a joy to work with. I believe that there should be some clear boundaries set, and Tabby is certainly in a situation where things are very tricky.

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Chip, like you said, is an amazing person. Ive seen him on Sweet Magnolias. Does Tabby have any feelings for him [Chip] romantically? Chandler Kinney: Yes, I think Chip does. They both love to watch movies together and have a lot of fun.

Kelly really comes in for the save, and she clearly states why Karen was there for Imogen. She really came in for the save, and she gives us hope. The Beasley family is very bad news, so we'll continue to explore these very real-life things throughout the season. I'll give you the scoop on whether or not the apple fell too far from the tree.

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Chandler Kinney: Absolutely, Tabby and Imogen, both of whom Bailee [Madison] and I have referred to as Tabogen, are a dream team. They are going to go all out with what the mothers were up to in this Y2K episode. It also helps them to face the truth in their own lives and some of the difficulties they are facing personally.

Chandler Kinney: Yes. Outside looking in, I think Tabby's mother, Sidney, has a lot of problems with her and she feels she cannot be completely honest with her mother about some of the things that she's been through.

Chandler Kinney: That's a great question, and that's a concern that I had when I first signed on to the project because the mother-daughter relationship is centered in our program, which is amazing because it's a women-led program on and off the screen. I think for Tabby, I don't know if we'll ever get too involved with that much. We'll see a couple of dads, though, in the show.

Chandler Kinney: Yes, I do. It's a concern. We weren't given the entire narrative when we first signed on, and sometimes, I feel like more rarely, you get a situation where you really don't know what's going on. Especially with these crazy worlds. It's a bit scary, sort of looking left and right and wondering, who's going to do the next?

Because this is Pretty Little Liars, I have to ask you, because I asked probably every single cast member on the original series, do you know who A is? Have you been told? Does anybody know? Chandler Kinney: You'll just have to tune in.

Chandler Kinney: This is the kind of question that I think is really fun about our program and what was really amazing in the original was that you think you know everything, and then everything is completely flipped on its head. That is certainly an element that we carry with us in Original Sin, and so even if we think we have an idea of who it is, it might all go out the window the next second.

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