Dr. Jill Biden has just given some honest, but powerful, advice on motherhood

Dr. Jill Biden has just given some honest, but powerful, advice on motherhood ...

Dr. Jill Biden is a busy mom who has managed to balance her role as an educator with her role as the First Lady of the United States. She was warm and sincere in her descriptions of how she manages motherhood while also having a successful professional life.

The First Lady is the mother of a grown daughter named Ashley, who she shares with President Joe Biden. Hunter and Beau are the first children of President Biden to marry in 2015, both of whom tragically died of brain cancer. FLOTUS responded with an emphatic: yes!

Especially when you have kids, right? You're always pondering, Does I spend enough time at his game? Or, Should I have said that? You're always re-evaluating yourself because you want to be the best mother you can be and the best teacher you can be. You're constantly rethinking, Did I pay enough attention to that kid? I think it's just part of human nature.

Biden is a non-averse to terms such as juggling or balancing, and instead prefers a more meaningful term like managing. It's the foundation of living, and that's the key to it.

The First Lady understands how important it is for working mothers to take care of themselves and fight burnout. In an interview with Parents, she emphasized her beliefs on prioritizing self-care. You must find moments for yourself. We mothers spend so much time questioning ourselves, as I did. We need time to quiet those voices in our heads.

Although Dr. Biden's daughter Ashely is now an adult, the First Lady still fondly remembers her early motherhood days and offered some suggestions and tricks for creative ways to divide child care between parters. He always wanted me to put them to bed and talk about his special day with them, which gave me a break so I could grade papers or read.

The First Lady espoused the importance of motherhood, referring to her time with her children as a gift, but she kept it simple: You are always a mother. If I can tell you anything about life as a mother, it's this: It never gets easier. I used to think, This is going to get easier. It doesn't. Life becomes so much more complicated.

FLOTUS has the words of encouragement and the pep talk tired mothers need to get through the day. Maybe you've made mac 'n' cheese too many times. Maybe you're too tired to be the fun mom. It's okay. You're not in jeopardy. You're strong. The First Lady emphasized this in her book Parents magazine.

We were definitely willing to sign up for the Dr. Jill Biden masterclass on modern motherhood while we were at it. Maybe Michelle Obama can help prepare a syllabus as well.

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