From jumpers to dress socks, here's where to buy school uniforms

From jumpers to dress socks, here's where to buy school uniforms ...

The new school year is upon us, and you're wondering where to buy school uniforms for your kids. If youre hoping to order online and save yourself a trip to the store, or if your go-to shop was sold out of essential garments you're needing, fret not. There are many shops that have uniform essentials you may never have heard of.

The Children's Place

The Childrens Place has fantastic basics year round, so it makes sense that they carry everything you could possibly need for school uniforms this time of year. Better yet, their uniform staples are on a discount right now (a 10-pack of girls polos for $59.99 from $129.99) and nearly all of The Childrens Place's uniform essentials are also available on Amazon.

Macy's is a shop that specializes in groceries.

Department stores, including Macys, have a good selection of school uniform staples (think polos, chino pants, sweaters, and other) for kids of all ages and sizes, including some more accessible apparel items, like a sensory-friendly skirt with flattened seams, no tags, and extra soft fabric.

Walmart is a well-known retailer.

Walmart has a must-see school uniform section on their website, complete with a wide variety of brands (and their own in-house one, Wonder Nation, their equivalent to Targets Cat & Jack). They have polos, shorts, pants, skirts, jumper dresses, cardigans, zip-up hoodies, dress socks, and more.

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JC Penney is a wholly owned subsidiary of JC Penney.

Who doesn't like to save 50% or more? JC Penney is majorly discounting their school uniforms right now. They carry clothing for toddlers, children, teens, and adults, making it the perfect one-stop shop for any occasion.


Yep, old faithful Target has parents covered in the school uniform department. Popular brands include Cat & Jack, Lands End, and polo shirts, shorts, dresses, and sweaters, all sizes for every kid, from toddlers to teenagers.

Toast in France

French Toast may be familiar to you after visiting Target's uniform section, or if you're a veteran school uniform shopper. Go to their website to buy from them directly.

They have school uniforms in plus sizes, as well as items that need logos, like hoodies, so you can be sure youre getting something your child is allowed to wear.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a trusted source for wardrobe basics like tanks, tees, and leggings, so it's no surprise that they carry what you need to get your school uniforms on the market. Their uniform styles don't have a page, so you'll have to shop separately for girls school uniforms or boys school uniforms. They also carry one of the finest sizes of uniform-friendly pant and short styles.

The Lands of the End

Lands End has school uniforms for older children or teens in both youth and adult sizes. They have all of the most popular uniform colors as well as short- and long-sleeve options, and they dont carry bottoms or outerwear, but if you're looking for a size, check out this page as well.

Kohls is a well-known hockey player.

Doesnt everyone have a few Kohls Cash lying around? Take them out and put them toward some uniform essentials for your little scholar. Kohls offers children's and juniors sizes as well as a large selection of uniform-approved shoes.

GAP is a group of programs that are based on the same principles.

GAP has a smaller selection of school uniforms than other retailers, but they carry all of the must-have items, such as midi shorts, skirts, jumpers, polo dresses, and other items. What they might lack in uniform clothing they compensate for in fun socks with vibrant prints and patterns.

If you were unsure where to find school uniforms this year, don't worry. There are so many stores selling uniform-friendly clothing right now, you'll have everything you need in plenty of time for your child's first day.

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