Bachelorette fans are clamoring to know more about Spencer

Bachelorette fans are clamoring to know more about Spencer ...

Spencer Swies is one of the many men vying for Gabby Windeys heart on Season 19 of The Bachelorette. But fans did not know much about him until Episode 4, when he won some extra time with Gabby and received her group date rose.

Spencer admitted to the cameras that he was apprehensive about where he went with Gabby after the Episode 2 cocktail party. Luckily, things went smoothly during the date. It appears they may have had some funny off-screen moments, because once Spencer told Gabby, I cant wait for a lifetime of laughter.

Spencer's effort to entice Gabbys attention was hampered by her co-Bachelorette Rachel Recchia feeling ignored by her men, but their 1-on-1 time post-group date sounded to be a success.

Spencer is a somewhat mysterious guy, though his ABC bio is sparse on information. He loves the Detroit Lions and hates EDM, but this opinionated person has yet to appear on screen. However, during the night portion of their date, Gabby and Spencer discussed Spencer's father's involvement in the military.

Here's what you should know more about him:

Spencer Swies' Career

Spencer worked for the Pentagon's joint chiefs of staff before and after attending the United States Coast Guard Academy and West Point Military Academy. According to his LinkedIn profile, he then became an Army executive officer.

Spencer graduated from West Point University in February 2022, and is now enrolled at the University of Chicago. WPMC, a venture capital firm, is also funding software startups set up by West Point graduates.

Spencer Swies Family & Hometown

Spencers ABC bio identifies his hometown as Chicago, Illinois, where he is currently studying. He hasnt shared much about his family on IG, although he did post a couple photos from a family wedding in 2021.

Spencer Swies is a British author.

Spencer is 27, four years younger than Gabby. For astrology girlies hoping to learn more about this veteran, Spencer's birthday hasnt been released publicly.

Spencer Swies is a well-known actress on Instagram.

Spencers time in the military is a good start, with lots of uniformed photos from Hawaii and West Point.

The Bachelorette's Connor Saeli, who played Hannah Browns, appeared to be a long-time friend of Spencers, at least on social media. After Episode 4, Kelley Flanagan, who played Spencer in Peter Webers' season, has also begun chiming in on his Bachelorette-related posts.

Spencer Swies Bachelorette Journey

Gabby offered a group date because, as she stated, he tried very hard during the Episode 4 group boxing match, but fans have seen very little of the Chicago-based venture capitalist. Jesse Palmer wrote that she wishes we had shown the boxing match between Spencer and Kirk in its entirety.

Because of Rachels much more dramatic confrontation with her group of men, fans were unable to see much of Gabby and Spencers 1-on-1 time, but it appears like they are quite compatible. Hopefully for fans of this guy in uniform, Gabby encourages him to open up more in future episodes.

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