Despite being long-distance, Ketes are reported to be still going strong

Despite being long-distance, Ketes are reported to be still going strong ...

Maintaining a connection when you have a busy career can be challenging, but keeping the romance alive when you leave home? Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson appear to have figured it out, and are apparently stronger than evereven though Davidson is currently based in Australia for work. Here's a hint: It involves a lot of FaceTime.

Kim and Pete's relationship hasn't been an issue since he was away filming, according to an insider. They are still going strong and making it work. When they are apart, they're always in constant communication, according to the source.

The insider said that these calls with Davidson are the highlight of Kim Kardashian's day. She loves that he's always laughing, and he truly makes her smile when they chat. It's still her, according to E!.

The duo is apparently planning a reunion as well. Pete plans to return to L.A. after filming closes to spend time with her for a few days, according to the insider. Personally,I wouldnt be surprised if their first encounter is an ice cream date.

Kete was already used to an LDR, and the couple often travel across the country for a slice of pizza. However, a 15-hour plane ride both ways is not feasible.

At least Kete seems to be tackling the challenges of an LDR together. I guess it's true what they say, distance does make the heart grow fonder.

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