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UGS Offers Industry Leading ThinkLite Air Products to Federal Agencies, Others, Other, Government Leading Companies offering Ugly Air, Some leading Thinklite Air products to Government and Government

UGS Offers Industry Leading ThinkLite Air Products to Federal Agencies, Others, Other, Government Leading Companies offering Ugly Air, Some leading Thinklite Air products to Government and Government

- Unimed Government Services (UGS), a leading supplier of supply chain solutions for government, schools, public health organizations and the private sector, announced today that it has partnered with ThinkLite to provide health and safety monitoring and pur

The UGS and ThinkLite 3 Rings of Defense purification system offers the only complete solution for air quality achieved through an end-to-end solution that can measure, heal and purify air to rigorous standards, including the smallest viral Three steps consist of: the three steps: The steps are the following:

  • The TL Flair IAQ Monitor is the only one to measure particles as small as 0.1 microns, where viruses and airborne pathogens live.
  • The ICON Air Healer is designed to improve air quality in commercial spaces up to 5,000 sq. ft or 166,000 cubic feet of space. The aerohealing is an Icon air heater designed for the indoor air
  • The Purifying Pro is a smart LED, 2'x2' smart device that consistently purifies the air for smaller indoor areas of around 400 square feet or 12'600 cubic feet of air.

The ThinkLite Purilux Pro and the ICON Air Healer clean the air to a level of MERV19 or 6-log reduction; defined as 99.9999% purification of all particles, as small as 0.1 micro

This is achieved by patented lighting technologies without emissions of ozone, ions or other byproducts into the air. This makes it an extremely important factor to prevent any hazardous effects in an indoor space by the introduction of an airborne

The PuriLux and Healer devices are designed to use a 3- to 5-minute exchanger to exchange air.

ThinkLite is pleased to offer these products through UGS to all federal government personnel. Whether the teams work in a hospital setting or not, they can expect hospital-grade clean air, which is invaluable when we approach the colder months and people moving back inside. The ability to measure the effectiveness of these products using the TL Flair Monitor is the fundamental of our solution, allowing facility managers and leaders to be empowered with real data on their air safety based on how it was used. This allows them to fully appreciate the effectiveness of any equipment or measure that is implemented to help make the air safer in a facility.

UGS is committed to providing the best products, monitoring the regulatory landscape for development and keeping a close eye on the markets in which they sell to ensure they provide the most suitable equipment and inspire client success. The organization evaluates each product by a rigorous screening process to ensure customer confidence through innovative technology and design. They also onboard and train groups for each new solution purchased to be confident in how they use the product and use it to gain invaluable knowledge for their facilities.

"We know that our customers need stronger monitors and purifiers as COVID-19 variant case numbers continue to rise, and we are proud to offer this level of superior technology," said Judith Manchester, chief executive officer of UGS "While we continue to serve the consumer market with these products, we are excited to be the exclusive distributor of ThinkLite's air monitoring and purification equipment for our government entities. Our customers know we always keep an eye out for opportunities to bring them more of the best technologies, and this partnership is obvious."

About UGS Since its creation in 2010, Unimed Government Services (dba UGS Medical and Ug Dental) has helped more than 10,000 clinics deliver healthcare excellence. Since that time, the company has been helping more over 10000 clinic's UGS is a distributor of the world's best dental, medical and infection control technologies and helps government, municipalities, schools and public health organizations deliver high-quality care to members. UGS hand selects the best and cost-effective products and equipment, from capital equipment and software to dental instruments, clinic and laboratory cabinetry, case work and infection control technologies. UGS creates customized solutions with deep expertise in laboratory and clinic design. UGS is a member of several professional societies dedicated to providing quality care and safety, including the Organization for Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and Women in Defense (WID UGS is a certified women-owned small business with vacancies in Lakeville, Minn. and Concord, Mass. Ug is an employee of the Woman Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and is member of WS The American Dental Association's U.S. Technical Advisory Committee has been a board member and is the chairman of the Board of Directors.

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