Act Fast! Apple's HomePod Mini is getting a rare discount on its stores

Act Fast! Apple's HomePod Mini is getting a rare discount on its stores ...

Apple's HomePod Mini is one of the finest smart speakers, with clear sound, advanced technology to power a smart home, and robust integration with other Apple devices. It currently costs $99.99, but now you can get a rare discount on this device.

The HomePod Mini in Blue is on sale at B&H Photo Video for $89.99, a $10 off the MSRP. It's one of Apple's latest colors released last year. Both are $5 off at $95.

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HomePod Mini in Blue ($89.95, originally $99.95; is our choice.

Apple is a software company based in the United States.

$10 off may not seem like a lot, but it is a rare discount on Apples smart speaker. So what can a HomePod Mini do? Like you would set up AirPods, youll be able to ask Siri via the speaker to play music, control a smart home gadget like a smart plug and lightbulb, or ask a question.

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The HomePod Mini is also compatible with AirPlay 2, which means you may listen to it from a different Apple device such as an iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or Apple TV. As an easy way to wirelessly improve the sound quality of your TV, there was little latency in our testing.

Siri may respond to personal requests, such as beginning a phone call or sending a message, or even provide you with calendar information.

Thread is included in the HomePod Mini, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It's part of the new smart home standard Matter, which aims to be the standard that a lot of businesses can adopt. Essentially, the HomePod Mini doubles as a smart home hub.

Let's recap the day.

Now is the time to get yours. You'll also be eligible for a discount on some fun colors.

Prices are correct, and items are in stock at the time of publication.

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