This Social Media App Aims to Compete With Facebook and Twitter

This Social Media App Aims to Compete With Facebook and Twitter ...

FromMeta'sundefinedInstagram and Facebook to Twitter (TWTR) - Get Twitter Inc. Report, it appears at the glance that there's little new to innovate on.

Snapchat and TikTok both succeeded in attracting large new customers and proving that there is a way to reinvent the wheel.

BeReal, a French startup, has an idea how to transform how we use social media. As a user myself, I think it has a good chance of becoming a fantastic alternative to all of the ones we've grown used to and bored of.

What is the definition of BeReal?

BeReal is a social media app designed to compete with Instagram's app in 2020. The main difference is that with BeReal, you only post once a day.

BeReal, a former GoPro employee, was created to challenge Instagram's strict and controlled way of posting photos and videos. The founders wanted to encourage being real, hence the name.

What Is the Workaround for BeReal?

Users of BeReal receive a notification via their phones every day that says It's Time to BeReal. There's only two minutes left to capture a BeReal and see what your pals are up to!

The app takes you to a camera input and you take a selfie of yourself and whatever is in front of you. Once youve shared your photo, you may see other people's posts. If you post after the two-minute window, your post will be marked as late.

Every single day, you can see what your friends post in an unfiltered and unedited photo, and the designers wanted to create a more authentic app that wasn't as posed as Instagram or Snapchat by requiring users to post within a two-minute timeframe. The poster cannot edit the photos at all, or add a filter after the image is posted.

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How Popular Is BeReal?

The free-to-download app is estimated to be worth $600 million with around 11 million downloads. In April 2022, the app gained enormous popularity in a few short weeks and spread across college campuses throughout the United States. Back in February, my friend asked me to add her on BeReal. I had no clue what it was, but I have used it ever since.

Every day, I take a selfie and a photo of whats in front of me and then I see what my friends have posted. I like the spontaneity of the app because I may (hope) be doing something super exciting like attending a concert and then the BeReal notification will pop up and my friends will see me there. Many days youll see my BeReal of me lying in bed.

BigReal's main limitation, as mentioned earlier, is that you may still post after the two-minute timeframe. Some days when I am laying in bed and a notification pops up, I will choose to do my BeReal when I am doing something more interesting, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the app.

Instagram Is Creating a Competition for the Ads

Because of its time system, BeReals content gets posted only once a day, and its users only respond to other posts with an emoji selfie. There aren't any BeReals influencers, because you have to be friends with someone in the app to see their posts in your feed.

BeReal opposes many of Instagram's core features directly, and adolescents and young adults are resurrected to it.

While Meta reported that Facebook users increased by 5% in its first quarter earnings call in 2022, the general consensus among teenagers and young adults is of dissatisfaction and boredom with the platform. Instead, people have flocked to TikTok, one of the largest social media platforms.

If BeReal can continue to be popular with young users and if they stay interested in casual social media, it may be a major competitor to Instagram. Instagram may copy some of BeReals features, like it did with TikTok (Instagram Reels), in order to remain more relevant.

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