Tencent Games and Logitech G are collaborating on handheld cloud gaming

Tencent Games and Logitech G are collaborating on handheld cloud gaming ...

Logitech G and Tencent Games are collaborating on a new handheld cloud gaming device by the end of 2022.

The new system is said to support many cloud gaming services. Both companies are already working with the Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now teams on the project.

In a blog post, Logitech Gs' experience in PC and console gaming makes them an ideal partner to help us realize our goal of bringing a superior gaming experience to gamers around the world. Today marks the start of a new opportunity for our businesses to further push the boundaries of gaming devices.

Gamers like being able to play anywhere, as the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck have shown. Getting up and moving around is nice. Being able to play in the bed can be the height of comfort.

2022 MetaBeat

On October 3-4, MetaBeat will bring together metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and conduct business.

Both the Switch and the Steam Deck have limited catalogs. A device that has the mobility of those models, but with a much larger catalog thanks to cloud gaming, seems like a no-brainer.

When cloud gaming works, it really works.

Cloud gaming is a holy grail for the video game business. Users often do not have the space to install everything as games have become larger. The problems become bigger if a gamer lives somewhere with a data cap.

For example, Grand Theft Auto V, it takes about 100GB of memory to download. Thats space taken up and a chunk of data gone, but if you play it over the cloud, you're only using roughly 2.5GB of data per hour at 720p resolution.

If you beat it or get bored in under 40 hours, you've risen to the challenge.

I'm lucky to not have a data cap. I also do not have a lot of disk space. I also play a lot of different games at the same time, which means installing and deleting quite often. All of this happens in a computer chair.

If Logitech and Tencent want to enable me to play while lying down on the couch, sign me up.

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