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Mark Sutton named North American CEO of the Year Winner

Mark Sutton named North American CEO of the Year Winner

Fastmarkets announced that Mark Sutton, CEO of International Paper, has been named North American President of the Year 2021.

Fastmarkets began the award program in 1999. Mr. Sutton will accept the award and give a keynote address on September 28 at this year's event. Fastmarkets North American Conference Conference on the North America Conference of Fast Markets - North of America. . This hybrid event will be hosted virtually and in person at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA.

International Paper is under a minitransformation worth more than $2 billion during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the planned spinoff of its global papers business and the sale of additional non-core assets. This is $2 billion for a company whose annual sales were $20.58 billion in 2020.

Sutton explained that the company's spin-off and asset sales are a way to simplify the business, focusing on industrial packaging (containerboard and corrugated boxes, especially in the USA) and global cellulose fiber International Paper is the largest containerboard producer in North America. The company's global cellulose fibers business largely serves customers in absorbent hygiene and medical use market segments. Analysts seem confident International Paper will look to further integrate its huge US containerboard and corrugated converting plant system.

In the pandemic, Sutton saw International Paper employees, in a manufacturing sense, as essential workers who needed to "work at fewer rates" and "be more flexible" while simultaneously "staying as safe as possible." Sutton credits International Paper workers for further developing an already collaborative teamwork approach in their work. He proudly told Fastmarkets' Pulp & Paper Week that 85% of International Paper's 48,000 workers continue to run their operations at mills and plants every day during the pandemic. They set their safety rules: "Be safe, work and stay safe" and look out for each other.

Sutton said they "turned up the dial and accelerated our customer focus." Speaking of the company's performance, Snack said that they have "continued to accustomize our customers." The company, along with producing a very good product, is refining its commercial strategy and customers should expect fewer agile and commercially-oriented organizations.

About Mark Sutton, Schild.

Mark Sutton grew up in a "DuPont" family in southwest Louisiana where he learned point-blank about industrial manufacturing. He spoke in the deepest of his heart today about safe manufacturing for employees like he was in his blood. His father, David Sutton Sr., and his father-in-law, the late Major General Thomas Craig, have been influential in his music. "My father taught me about perseverance," Sutter said.

Sutton was born in New Orleans and raised a short distance in La Place, LA, whose town is on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River in St John the Baptist Parish. A company for the DuPont Pontchartrain Company, a Dupont Chemicals plant, was nearby in Reserve, LA, where Mark's father worked petrochemicals for most of his career. His father was a manager. Mark worked at a plant for ten years and later attended the nearby Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge.

Sutton studied electrical engineering at LSU and thought he'd work in the petrochemical industry like his father. After a recession forced him to expand his job search and landed at International Paper, where he worked 37 years. He started in 1984 as an engineer at the containerboard mill in Pineville, LA.

In 1994, Sutton became the mill manager of the then-International Paper lightweight packaging paper and pressure-sensitive packaging manufacturing facility Thilmany Packaging, Wisconsin. He learned about leadership and how important that mill is to the local community. When the pandemic panda, Sutton understood management's important connection to workers who make the company'' products, and this relationship was especially important during the collapse of the tsunami.

Sutton continued to become a mill manager when he became entrepreneur at International Paper. In 2000, er rolled over the supply chain of water and poured goods in Europe. He became the CEO of International Paper in late 2014, replacing John Faraci, two-time North American CEO.

Sutton is on the verge of 60 years of his 60th birthday. His father-in-law helped him learn about industrial manufacturing and leadership. He is especially proud of the company's focus on giving back. International Paper contributed nearly 70 million dollars to local causes of signature. He led the company, as part of its Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 goals, to achieve sustainable outcomes for people and communities, the environment and the customers. Peers credit Sutton for his approach.

"For years, Mark has been a dedicated leader in our industry," said Heidi Brock, CEO of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF& amp;PA) at Fastmarkets RISI's PPI Pul As the past board chair of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&P), he's been an advocate for our industry'' safety and sustainable practices.

"Mark is passionate about our industry's remarkable sustainability story," Brock added. "And he is a thoughtful, inclusive, and collaborative leader. He facilitates the open exchange of ideas to stimulate innovation and growth. I can honestly say that I am better known by Mark Sutton, leaders and people than I know. He is fortunate to have him become a leader in the industry."

Gregory Rudder originally published in Fastmarkets RISI's PPI Pulp & Paper Week on July 15, 2021.

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