Vivaldi 5.3.2679.70

Vivaldi 5.3.2679.70 ...

Vivaldi is a fast, ultra-customisable browser that prioritizes your privacy (not our own profit). An Internet browser that adapts to you, not the other way round. From a focused, minimalist experience to building a command center for life online, we've got you covered.


With each update we continue on our quest to create the world's best user-centric browser.

Quick Commands

Are you a keyboard nut? Quick Commands allow you to browse through various settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks, and more with a single keyboard shortcut. We aim to make the Quick Command menu extremely user-friendly, allowing you to create your own commands and execute them quickly.


Take notes while browsing and add screenshots right in the handy Notes panel. The notes will automatically remember which website you were looking at at the time and will allow you to add tags to easily organize and locate them later.

Speed Dials

All of your favourite websites are readily accessible from one place. You may also create multiple Speed dial groups. Organize your pages based on interests such as Sports, News, and Tech, or in a different context such as Work, School, etc.

Tab Stacks

Too many unorganized tabs can make it difficult to find the tab you are looking for quickly. Use Tab stacks to organize your tabs! It's simple to move a tab over to another for ease of grouping.

Web technology is used by designers.

Vivaldi has a great feature set, but that's not the whole story. We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface, along with Node.js, Browserify, and a long list of NPM modules.

What's New in the Office?

With Editable Toolbars, a new option to easily reset default browser settings, and a syncable search engine across devices, you can have complete control over your toolbar layouts. Download Vivaldi 5.3 now on your desktop and notebooks.

Vivaldi's core philosophy is that users want to customize. We've opened up even more possibilities for you to make a browser that's unique to you.

Editable toolbars are now available, allowing you full control over your toolbar layouts.

Our new version, Vivaldi 5.3, is yet another example of how we put our values into practice in order to improve your experience.

In every section of Vivaldi Settings, a reset to default button has been included. This allows you to return to your original browser settings quickly and easily.

We've also now have search engines that work across desktops, Android phones, and cars.

Vivaldi 5.3 is now available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In addition, our new Android version, which was also launched today, includes a host of new features, including the ability to rename our unique Two-level Tab Stacks, syncable search engines, and more.

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