In the Michael Jackson musical, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan wear opposite outfits

In the Michael Jackson musical, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan wear opposite outfits ...

Over the weekend, MadonnaandLindsay Lohanwere were seen separately in the audience of the Michael Jackson Broadway musical, MJ, in different outfits.

A spy tells Page Six that the Material Girl was clad in all funeral black and sat directly behind Lohan, looking, well, like a virgin in all white.

According to reports, Madge was even seen wiping away tears throughout the performance.

According to a source, both actors went backstage after the performance. The cast was gathered to greet them.

Lohan, who was visiting her new husband in New York City,posed for photos with the cast. Madonna declined to take photographs, although she brought her own photographer, according to reports.

The pop icon, who is 63, did pull aside the shows Tony-winning starMyles Frost, 23, for an intimate one-on-one conversation.

I couldnt hear what she was saying, but they were deeply engaged and holding hands for what seemed like five to ten minutes, according to a backstage source.

Frost resisted when an onlooker asked him about the tete-a-tete, saying, "Thats between me and the Queen of Pop."

Madonna met Miss Me, a Montreal street artist, and the edgy duo shared photos on social media. One shot with the pop star captioned Upping my date game.

When Lohan, 36, and Shammas arrived at JFK Airport in New York City, they were recently spotted for the first time since their private wedding.

I am the luckiest woman in the world. He discovered me and knew that I wanted to be happy and blessed all at the same time. I'm stunned that this is my husband. Every woman should feel like this every day.

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