Is Kim Kardashian's Incredibles T-shirt a nod to Kanye West's ex?

Is Kim Kardashian's Incredibles T-shirt a nod to Kanye West's ex? ...

You may just refer to her as Mrs. Incredible.

Monday, Kim Kardashian went for a swim in a white bikini underneath a sheer The Incredibles T-shirt.

The still-platinum-blond star posted a series of sexy photos in the look on Instagram, without a caption.

Kanye West, the Kardashians ex, may be referring to the big-screen superheroes on several occasions, even citing the Pixar movie as the reason for his first confessional on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

This interview is inspired by the film The Incredibles. It starts off with the interviews. In 2019, the superheroes will be giving interviews, according to the author.

The wifes had a big butt, West continued, and I just see our lives becoming more and more like The Incredibles until we can finally fly.

In the months since their separation, the Skims founder seems to have taken her exs' words to heart, fully accepting her role as Elastigirl in her fashion choices.

The 41-year-old wore a flame-printed turtleneck sweater with red leather gloves, a red leather skirt, and her beloved Balenciaga pantashoes earlier this year, revealing that she was prepared to fight crime and making Incredibles comparisons.

Kardashian has also recently released some superhero-worthy elbow-length gloves as part of her Skims swimwear line.

The Wests may be becoming the Parrs, but the oldest child Norths' superpower might be revealing as she continues to show her artistic side; in the last week alone, the 9-year-old has given her mom a Minions-inspired makeover and created some truly creepy drawings, possibly for her dad's Yeezy collection.

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