Taylor Swift is seen hiding behind an umbrella as she gets off a private jet

Taylor Swift is seen hiding behind an umbrella as she gets off a private jet ...

In a private jet, emphasis is placed on the private.

Taylor Swift attempted to go incognito while getting off a plane last month, just weeks before getting out of jail for being dubbed the celebrity with the worst private jet carbon emissions.

On July 5, Paparazzi snapped the singer, 32, who was hiding behind an umbrella while deplaning at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Swift is being chastised for reportedly taking 170 flights since January, which has resulted in more than 800 tons of carbon emissions.

The face of the Shake It Off singer is hidden in the photos, but the Daily Mail has identified her as the woman shown.

The only body parts visible in these pictures are the legs in a pair of jean shorts.

Several members of the Swifts team were also photographed getting off the same plane wearing face masks to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Swifts' representative has recently denied that the Grammy winner has used her private jets as often as Yard claims.

Taylor's jet is regularly loaned out to other individuals, according to BuzzFeed NewsMonday.

It's blatantly incorrect to assign the majority or all of these excursions to her.

Swifts representatives did not respond to Page Six's request for comment on why their client chose to hide her face after getting off the July 5 flight.

According to TMZ, the Willow singer attempted to reduce the number of private jets she owned in May 2020 by selling one of them.

Swift sold a Dassault Falcon 50 she had purchased in 2012.

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