In Australia, Dev Patel has put a stop to the knife fight between man and woman

In Australia, Dev Patel has put a stop to the knife fight between man and woman ...

Dev Patel, an English actor, is well-known for his roles in Slumdog Millionaire, Lion, The Green Knight, and other films. He recently intervened in a knife fight between a man and a woman in Australia while no one was seeing and stopped it. He did however, not seem to seek recognition for his bravery.

Patel stepped up when the cameras were not rolling. According to 7 News, Patel was caught between a couple who were arguing. Witnesses claimed that this man and woman were engaged in a heated argument at a gas station or convenience store.

They remained true despite attempts to detach themselves from others. Dev reportedly became involved when the woman allegedly used a knife to punch the man in the chest. It appears that whatever he did to prevent the situation from getting worse, and he remained on the scene to talk with police later.

The man appears to be fine, although he was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and police detained the woman. Dev should be receiving all the awards he can right now, but he seems to not want much recognition for what he did.

The incident merely highlighted a problem that the government isnt dealing with the locals, but which appears to be related to mental health, according to his representative.

This was a bizarre situation that could have gone much worse. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. You can see the photographs below.

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