Jeanie Buss, the LA Lakers' owner, has had her Twitter account stolen

Jeanie Buss, the LA Lakers' owner, has had her Twitter account stolen ...

Nowadays, high-profile Twitter hacks are becoming more common. Just recently, WWE legend Mick Foley had his account compromised. Scammers love to take control of these high-engagement social networks so they can offer cheap deals that are too good to be true.

Jeanie Buss, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has been the most recent victim. Fans have noticed that her website has recently offered PlayStation 5 consoles for sale. The crooks also offered a chance for those who buy PS5s from her to watch a Lakers game.

Fans of the Lakers, my Twitter account has been hacked. Please do not attempt to monetize it or send any money. These are NOT legitimate offers. The Lakers will notify you when I am back in charge of my account.

Unfortunately, there are no PlayStations. The transaction is a total scam. Jeanie Buss wants fans to understand that they should avoid engaging with the account.

Jeanie posted a tweet on the Lakers' official Twitter, urging fans not to discuss the breach or to pay money to the hackers.

Hopefully, nobody was harmed by the hackers. Any time social media users notice something suspicious like this, they should immediately notify the organization. Otherwise, gullible fans looking for a lot might be exposed to serious consequences.

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