Antonio Brown's New Dance Craze Is Catching On

Antonio Brown's New Dance Craze Is Catching On ...

Antonio Brown is unlikely to see a football field during the next NFL season. Luckily, the disgraced wideout is beginning to make a name for himself in the rap game. One of his signature dance moves is catching on throughout the country.

Antonio Brown started doing the new dance during his live performances while performing his song, Put That Sh*t On. It's believed that fans have been raving about it. Soon, fans will see ABs perform outside of his live performances.

Recently, LeBron James and Draymond Green were seen doing the AB dance in Canada. During a recent practice, New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram messed it out. Even Quavo has embraced the trend.

Lamar Jackson, the Ravens' quarterback, is perhaps the most well-known NFL player to mention the Antonio Brown dance. On social media, Lamar said he plans to do the dance during a game this season. He shouldnt have to struggle to find the endzone either.

Antonio Brown has been raving about his new dance. AB has shared many videos of musicians and fans doing his new dance. Browns' latest sensation could be The Griddy of the next NFL season.

Antonio Brown has struggled to be taken seriously as a rapper. His dance has now gotten him the attention he needed. Once the NFL season begins, it appears like it will be as difficult to avoid as Tebowing.

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