Scientists are warning of a mass extinct event on the way

Scientists are warning of a mass extinct event on the way ...

Climate change is something that scientists can use to make headlines. However, the planet may not be able to recover from the effects of climate change as quickly as it has ever been. For instance, India has already faced a catastrophe as a result of climate change. But, the United States could use this platform to make political statements.

Scientists can often be the ones who make the world's greatest discoveries. However, they may also be responsible for causing a stir among the general public just the same. According to findings from a climate scientist at the Tohoku University named Kunio Kaiho, the planet will be subjected to a mass extinction event in the next few centuries.

The reason for these findings is that the planet has gone through mass extinction events before. Evolution was able to catch up in the time it took for them to happen. However, this new event would occur so swiftly that no species would not have enough time to adapt in a bid to defend itself from the constant temperature fluctuations. For instance, Europe has been affected by unprecedented heat waves, as well as wildfires becoming more common.

Climate change is a well-known topic in most elections because to the fact that the United States was withdrawn from the Paris Agreement in 2020. However, shortly after President Biden was elected to office, the agreement was reinstated in the United States. It's virtually a joke; climate change is real and could happen in the next few hundred years. There's not a lot of time left to make any adjustments.

More tsunamis around the world, hurricanes, and heat waves have engulfed areas of the planet. Now, all of that might lead to the next mass extinction event much faster than the planet has ever seen. A few hundred years in comparison to 60,000 years is a massive shift. Most countries are attempting to stop CO2 emissions in cars in the next 25 to 50 years, but that may not be enough to reverse the damage already done.

Climate change is constantly being argued against and used as a political platform, so we may not be able to correct things sooner rather than later.

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