Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar Go After Sara Haines for Her Cheery Nature, The View

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar Go After Sara Haines for Her Cheery Nature, The View ...

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar were not as cheery as their names suggest on this morning's episode of The View, when they followed Sara Haines for her bright and bubbly nature. During a conversation about whether or not it is appropriate to say during the undeniably bad moments, both Sunny and Joy agreed the phrase is too cheerful.

Sunny, who said, some people do it too cheerfully, immediately outspoken Sara, and said, "Youre very cheerful in the morning."

The joy piled on, noting, And in the afternoon and at night, as Sunny continued, Its always joyful, a lot of joy, before imitating Saras greeting of, Hi Sunyala, good morning!

Sunny said, I do not know where the Sunyala nick came from, and it's very pleasant, at 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.

Sara defended herself by claiming that she feeds off of other people's energy at work, but Sunny stepped in and said, "Sometimes I dont give you cheerful energy, but youre still very happy."

Sara reminded her, "You laugh every time I call you Sunyala," so I keep doing it. When you stop laughing, I will call you something else.

She continued, "Why am I the cheerful one, you're named Joy, and your name is Sunny?" I clearly was misnamed.

Before saying, I believe Sarah was a happy person in the Bible, Joy said she and Sunny were exhibiting anti-social behavior by praising their names.

Joy stooped lower, telling her co-host, You have talked about depression, how do you use medications?

Sara, keeping her cool, replied, The medication isn't that bad, or I would certainly take it. The medication brings you to ground zero to do the work you have to do or whatever, then said her cheerful nature goes back to her childhood as a member of a large family.

She said she was the one who wanted to laugh and bring people together. It's a bit of the role I played.

At the Hot Topics table, it appears to be that high-spirited energy that is having the opposite effect.

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