After calling Gabby a B*tch, a Bachelorette contestant couldnt save himself from a dying dog story

After calling Gabby a B*tch, a Bachelorette contestant couldnt save himself from a dying dog story ...

The Bachelorette has produced some truly charming contestants over the years (Chad Johnson, anyone?) and the program has maintained the tradition this season, despite changing the formula with two leads. Poor Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey have had to deal with Hayden Markowitz, a contestant who was finally eliminated on last nights episode.

Here's how to keep up with the ABC dating reality show this season: Rachel and Gabby (yes, there are two now, for some unintentional reason), are each looking for a partner that includes Hayden, a guy who previously described Gabby as rough around the edges and preferred Rachel.

Hayden remained engaged in his post-credits career until Monday (Aug. 1), when he was awarded a ride back home due to his rough-around the-edge comments. Gabby uses the verbiage that she uses to describe herself, and she fucking didn't like that.

He then struck both Rachel and Gabby, continuing, saying, "I've been comparing my ex to, like, this [bleep], right?" They don't hold a candle to her, and I don't want to just settle. Right now, I can tell you, im fucking marrying these girls.

Hayden seemed compelled to stick around (hmm, this couldnt possibly have anything to do with Instagram partnerships or a Bachelor in Paradisespot) for the cocktail party, where he executed a gruesome stunt in which he tried to win Gabby over by mentioning his dying dog, Rambo.

Hayden shared information that he believed would elevate his connection with Rachel to another level: his dog has a brain tumor, and his whole head caved in. How romantic.

Hayden told Rachel that she wants you to know that I would not be here if my intentions were not to help us in some way. She showed her Rambo's cancer duck, a stuffed animal she brought to all of his radiation treatments.

Hayden was ejected last night after Meatball disclosed the details of their earlier conversation. While Hayden was arguing that Rachel did not spend enough time with him, she walked over to the couch where he was sitting and promptly sent him home.

A good ending for everyone: Now he has plenty of time to spend with his dog!

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