After a blowback on January 6, Kevin Costner endorses Liz Cheney for a Republican House Rep. in Wyoming

After a blowback on January 6, Kevin Costner endorses Liz Cheney for a Republican House Rep. in Wyom ...

Wyoming RepublicanLiz Cheney, 56, has officially received the support of Kevin Costner, 67, ahead of the 2022 midterm elections this November. Liz, who is facing tough competition from aDonald Trump-backed challenger, tweeted out Kevins' endorsement on August 1.

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Real men prioritize their country rather than their party.

On the set of his popular television seriesYellowstone, which is shot in Montana, Kevin wore a white T-shirt and a black cowboy hat, black sunglasses, and light blue jeans, which he wore with fearlessly supporting Lizs reelection campaign.

Liz, who is a vocal opponent of former president Donald Trump and serves on the committee investigating the January 6 Capitol brawl, praised Kevin for supporting her campaign. The Republican congresswoman wrote alongside the tweet that real men prioritize country over party.

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Liz will run against Harriet Hageman, 59, her fellow Republican in Wyoming's at-large congressional district on November 8th. Pro-Trump Republicans are unhappy that Liz has gone against the former president, and Liz is one of many who believes Trump was to blame for the uprising by spreading lies about the 2020 election, and not PresidentJoe Biden.

Kevin talked politics and declared that he is an independent in an August2020 interview with The Daily Beast.

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Kevin explained, "I vote for who I believe has the best interests of the country and how we sit in the world," and "I really go back and forth on my votes. The Democratic Party doesn't represent everything that I believe," and neither does the Republican Party right now.

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