She-Hulk Shares A Funny Hulk Power With Bruce Banner

She-Hulk Shares A Funny Hulk Power With Bruce Banner ...

InShe-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Bruce Banner makes a major appearance. While there are a lot of downsides, there are also a couple of advantages. Rather than being a runaway freight train as he was in the early days, he's developed the ability to control his emotions quite effectively. As such, he's the ideal person to teach Jennifer Walters the ropes after discovering Hulk abilities.

One of the main themes of the show seems to be that The Hulk is fairly comfortable with who he is at this point. She-Hulk... not so much. It's not uncommon for anyone to acquire the confidence to perform a normal job, such as a lawyer.

Being a lawyer means she's a fairly level-headed person who doesn't slam Bruce's words, but she does feel it'll be difficult to get people to take her seriously.

The Hulk acts as a mentor, teaching She-Hulk how to maintain her newfound strength. He jumps and punches the ground near the side of a cliff. He does no significant damage to the surrounding area. She-Hulk is kicked off the cliff as punishment, and she jumps right back up.

After telling her about a few of the disadvantages of living as a Hulk, Banner explains one of his favorite downsides: they go to a beach bar, where Banner explains that their bodies metabolize alcohol quite rapidly, so they may drink as much as they desire without getting wet.

The whole program will be available on August 17th, so you may see it here.

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