Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin Is Receiving A Whole Restock

Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin Is Receiving A Whole Restock ...

Hailey Biebers rhode is now restocking after a successful launch that exploded with glazed doughnut skin going viral. According to the brand, rhode has already sold out twice and, at one time, had a waiting list of over 100,000 people.

The internet has been obsessed with the rhodes Peptide Glazing Fluid since it was released in 2012. It's said to be the secret behind Bieber's ultra-dewy skin and is the brand's most popular fan item. It sold out in under ten minutes when it finally came back earlier this summer.

Each of the rhodes products costs less than $30, is crafted by some of the finest engineers, and is unlikely to be available for long. See all the details on Hailey Biebers rhode restock below.

Whats included in Hailey Biebers rhode restocking?

Bieber is not one to overburdle her skin care regimen with a ton of oils, serums, and moisturizers. Instead, she prefers to keep things simple. One really great coat, or one really good moisturizer that Ill always come back to, the model shared through a press release.

rhode is back with three delicious new products, all of which are already popular. The Barrier Restore Cream and the Peptide Lip Treatment, both in three sheer shades, are on the list.

When does the rhode restock take place?

On Tuesday, August 2, the rhode restock will be available on digital shelves at 11 a.m. You definitely want to be one of the first to know since it's likely to sell out quickly.

Where can you buy rhodes restocking?

rhode is only available on its own website for the time being. Check out the below items to get a jumpstart on the restock.

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