35 of the Best Dirty Blonde Hair Colors with Highlight Ideas

35 of the Best Dirty Blonde Hair Colors with Highlight Ideas ...

Dirty blonde is a medium to dark brown color that can be easily altered to your liking, including with highlights, lowlights, and experimenting with coloring techniques like ombre or balayage. Keep reading to discover which shade of dirty blonde you prefer.

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Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a medium to dark blonde color that has brown undertones. It is a versatile color that looks natural and is considerably less expensive than lighter shades of blonde. The natural dirty blonde is suitable for all skin colors and lengths but can be easily customized.

2.Dirty Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights are an excellent way to brighten the appearance of dirty blonde hair. It's a medium-toned blonde that is easy to wear but can be toned down or enhanced to enhance the appearance.

Brown Hair Features 3.Dirty Blonde Highlights

Dirty blonde can be used in a subtle and versatile way, with highlights. The addition of this color to a brown base will look very natural, and you can also ask your hairstylist to strategically place the highlights in the hair to give a face-framing effect.

4.Dirty Blonde Dark Hair

Dark blonde hair is a dark grayish blonde hair color with light brown undertones, but there are different shades of the color, allowing you to pick a slightly darker or lighter color, depending on your preference. It is also easy to care for.

Dark Brown Hair Shines with Dirty Blonde Highlights

Dirty blonde highlights are what you need to give dark brown hair a lift and depth. The color is a darker shade of blonde and will be less harsh when applied to darker brown hair.

Dirty Blonde Hair Highlights with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde hair is a statement color, but it is high maintenance and does not suit everybody. A great way to test it out is to add it in highlights and on dirty blonde, this will increase brightness and create a subtle contrast. Highlights are great for adding depth and depth and will enhance the appearance.

7.Lowlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Lowlights are created by adding a shade to the hair that is darker than your base color. On dirty blonde hair, you can add darker blonde or a medium shade of brown lowlights to create a subtle and natural-looking contrast. Ideal for those who have thin or fine hair.

Balayage on Dirty Blonde Hair

Balayage is a more versatile color choice than traditional highlights because it is created by hand painting the color onto the hair. It gives the hair a more natural appearance. On dirty blonde hair, you need to select a shade or two lighter to add contrast.

9.Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is a darkish-red color that can vary in intensity. With highlights or balayage, you can tint the hair and brighten the appearance. The color is versatile and flattering.

10.Light Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a medium blonde hair color with brown undertones. It is very natural in appearance and because it is not so bright, it is easier to maintain. There are several shades to choose from, some darker and others lighter, making it easy to pick the shade that fits your complexion the best.

11.Ombre Dirty Blonde Hair

There are several methods to consider, all of which allow you to tone your hair in a way that best suits your taste. Ombre hair is a stunning coloring technique that is created by blending two or more colors to create a graduated effect from dark to light. This is a low-maintenance technique that gives your hair a pleasant contrast.

12.Dirty Blonde Curly Hair

Dirty blonde hair can complement many hair textures and be styled however you want. With curly hair, the color, which is a medium blonde, can highlight your curl pattern. You may also add dark brown hair or light blonde highlights to create more of a contrast and enhance your curls.

13.Long Layered Dirty Blonde Hair

Layered hair is a popular choice because it adds structure and movement. On thin hair, it can give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. When adding dirty blonde hair, you can strategically place it on layers around the face, creating a face-framing technique.

14.Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights And Lowlights

Lowlights are created by blending a darker color into the hair, while highlights are lighter. The combination of highlights and lowlights will give your hair more volume and beauty.

15.Brown Dirty Blonde Hair

Brown hair is versatile and can be lightened and brightened subtly and naturally by combining dirty blonde to it. The colors complement each other because dirty blonde already has light brown undertones in it. You can therefore lighten your hair and enhance your appearance in a low-maintenance manner.

Dirty Blonde Hair: Blue Ombre

When you try out dirty blonde hair, you do not have to stick to natural colors, and the color works well with bolder shades as well. There are many shades to choose from, allowing you to pick the one that is most appropriate to your skin tone. Ombre is a great way to add color to your hair, as it gradually blends into the blonde.

17.Dirty Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

Try using dirty blonde hair to achieve a look that matches your style. Colors that create contrast will also draw attention to your hair and highlight your texture. Red highlights will give your hair warmth and can be extremely flattering.

18.Dirty Blonde Hair with Blue Tips

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can color your hair only the tips in order to give a more dramatic appearance to your base color. Light colors will have a muted appearance, while darker colors will be more noticeable.

19.Long Dirty Blonde Hair

Long hair gives you freedom in terms of color and style, and it will look fantastic when dyed dirty blonde. You may also experiment with different techniques, such as highlights to enhance the color contrast and add depth and dimension.

20.Ash Dirty Blonde Hair

Ash blonde hair is a cool shade of blonde that has silver and blue tones to it. It works great on women with pale, pink skin tones. Dirty blonde is also a cool tone, so it is easy to combine these colors.

21.Flamboyage Dirty Blonde Hair

You've probably heard of balayage, but have you ever heard of the trending coloring technique, flamboyage? This is a mix of balayage and ombre that is concentrated on a certain area of the hair, for example, around the face. It's fairly inexpensive, yet it's still super flattering.

22.Long Dirty Blonde Hair Highlights

Highlights are created by adding color to the hair that is lighter than your base color. Dirty blonde hair is a medium to a dark shade of blonde and works great with all hair textures and lengths, but to give your long hair more depth and dimension, an excellent option would be to add highlights.

23.Dirty Blonde Hair Long Straight

Straight hair can appear sleek and glossy. When long, you have freedom in how you style your hair, including changing it up or keeping it loose. However, this is not the case because of a lack of texture. You may add warm and cool tones to your dirty blonde hair to create a subtle contrast.

Dirty Blonde Hair 24.Purple Highlights

Purple hair is attractive and expressive, but it can be intimidating to try out bold colors because they are demanding attention. A more subtle and wearable technique is to add highlights to the hair, thus creating a subtle contrast. This is also less harmful to the hair as you are only coloring parts of the head.

25.Sun Kissed Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is versatile and can be adapted to your liking. For those who prefer natural-looking hair, add a dark brown base color with the balayage technique or with babylights. The result is a subtle contrast, giving your hair a sun-kissed appearance.

26.Dirty Blonde Hair with Pink Ombre

Ombre is one of the easiest ways to experiment with bright, bold colors. The technique is low-maintenance because you do not have to worry about root regrowth. It will also cause less damage. Pink hair is beautiful and feminine, and there are many shades to choose from, from vibrant neons to soft, muted pastels.

27.Purple Tips on Dirty Blonde Hair

Dying your hair a bright and bold purple is a great way to show off your playful side. Dirty blonde hair will be an excellent base color for purple tips, because it is less harmful than dyeing all of your hair.

28.Dirty Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Because of this, blue eyes are usually preferred when paired with warm colors, such as golden blonde, dark brown, and rich red hues, because they create a contrast. You may wish to accent the eyes with warm highlights like strawberry blonde or caramel.

29.Dirty Blonde Hair Brown Eyes

Naturally blonde hair and brown eyes are a striking combination, especially for those with dark brown eyes. Dirty blonde is a fantastic shade because it is dark to medium blonde with light brown undertones, making it a low-maintenance color.

Hazel Eyes on Dirty Blonde Hair 30.

Dirty blonde is a great way to experiment with blonde hair without it being too bright or high maintenance. This versatile shade is a dark to a light shade of blonde that can be easily mixed with lighter shades or darker.

31.Dirty Blonde Hair with Green Eyes

Dirty blonde hair is a color that can be adapted to fit your skin tone and complement your eyes. While warm colors complement green eyes, the dirty blonde hair is a cool shade, so pairing it with brighter blondes makes the hair feel brighter and warmer.

Dirty blonde hair has 32.Blue Highlights

What better way to express yourself than by adding bold colors to your hair? Highlights can be thin and chunky to add depth, or thin, delicate lines added to the hair.

Dirty Blonde Hair: 33 Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde hair is a reddish-blonde color that may be added to the hair in many ways, including highlights. Adding strawberry blonde to a dirty blonde base color will give it a lift and result in a warmer shade. This color is best suited to women with fair, moderate, and neutral skin shades.

34.Dirty Blonde Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your hair's thickness and volume, or to lengthen your hair longer. For example, you may color your hair differently with your extensions, such as dirty blonde. This is an excellent option if your hair is naturally dark because you do not need to bleach your strands to lighten them.

35.Black Hair Dirty Blonde Highlights

If you want to enhance your black hair, look no further than dirty blonde highlights. Dirty blonde is a dark shade of blonde that will appear more natural when added to dark hair than lighter blonde shades. It is great for reducing hair color and improving hair texture.

FAQs on Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde is a natural light color that can appear ashy in appearance, but there are other shades that can be adapted to your taste, such as adding rich colors and brighter blondes or combining them with browns.

Only two percent of the world's population have natural blonde hair, making this color even rarer due to its darker coloring.

Dirty blonde is a dark shade of blonde that is typically cooler and brighter, while the standard blonde shade is warmer and brighter. Dirty blonde is versatile and is suitable for everyone with dark or light natural hair colors.

Purple shampoo is used to remove brassy tones and yellow and orange from the hair. It is normally used for bleached hair and is not needed on darker shades like dirty blonde. However, you may use purple shampoo on dirty blonde hair, although it will not lighten it.

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