Tiger Woods rejected a $800 million bid to join the LIV golf tour

Tiger Woods rejected a $800 million bid to join the LIV golf tour ...

Tiger Woods is without doubt one of the most well-known players in golf. With the controversial start of the new LIV Golf Tour, Woods was on the high list for the Saudi-backed circuit. Tiger ultimately chose to stick with the PGA Tour, but it was probably not an easy decision.

Large-name golfers have been given huge incentives to switch sides, according to reports. Tiger Woods was the number one target for the LIV Tour. He was offered almost a billion dollars to jump ship.

On Monday night, Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV Golf, spoke with Tucker Carlson. Norman said Tiger received the offer before he even joined the tour.

Before I became CEO, that number was already there. Yes, those numbers were. And, look, the Tigers are a needle mover.

Yes, that number is somewhere in the vicinity.

Tiger Woods chose to remain loyal to the more traditional PGA. He even chastises some golfers who joined LIV. Tiger has also chastised Norman for his participation in the new league.

The LIV Tour began its run in June. During their first event, the PGA announced that they would forever suspend anyone who participated in the tournament. For Tiger Woods, the decision was more based on principles rather than money.

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