Muriel from Virgin Rivers was Season 4's most underrated character

Muriel from Virgin Rivers was Season 4's most underrated character ...

Virgin River Season 4 took viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Between a shocking paternity revelation, a terrible ex in town, several painful goodbyes, and a terminal medical diagnosis, the Netflix series more than delivered in the drama department. But during all of the ups and downs, viewers found a surprising source of comfort in Teryl Rotherys' character, Muriel.

Muriel was a strange introduction to the Virgin River series for the first two seasons. During her absence from Season 3, her role changed, becoming a trustworthy friend to Hope. In Season 4, the show solidified Muriel as a genuine, seemingly non-threatening character.

Hope and Doc are preparing to split up, according to Season 1. Muriel hears the divorce news, asks Hope if she should meet Vernon. Not cool, girl! Hope gives her the go-ahead, but later convinces Doc that they should continue their relationship in secret in order to avoid the gossip mill. Muriel invites Doc over for a dinner date, stating that it will engulf the town of Muriel.

Muriel should have been more respectful of Hopes feelings when attempting to meet Doc in secret. But Hope was the one who kept pushing him into Muriels arms, therefore Muriels isnt the sole culprit.

Muriel and Hope compete for Doc's attention while repeatedly getting under each others skin. Muriel announces that he and Hope are reuniting, but Vernon and Hope get into a feud, and she rejects the olive branch. Hope apologizes to Muriel, but Muriel vows that she and Vernon arent over yet.

Muriel acts as Hope's liaison to Vernon, but she's not trying to cheat on her. In Season 3, when Hope is unable to contact her, she visits her elderly aunt in South Carolina (a filming error due to COVID-19). Her actions appear to be genuine and uncanny.

Muriel remains a bright, fresh escape from Vernon's busy world as he tries to balance work, self-care, and Hope's recovery. She makes an effort to make herself a better, more considerate friend to everyone around her, including Hope. She admits she isn't the only person she loves in life; she also encourages Hope to study backgammon.

Muriel and Vernon have a genuine connection, and a tendency to go from platonic to romantic should appropriate circumstances ever arise. However, while Hopes is still alive and well, it's a real joy to see Muriel overcome her previously meddling personality and mature as a character. One of Season 4's greatest plotlines is allowing her and Hope to bond.

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