OMITB's Latest Mystery Has Been Unlocked This Mabel's Past Secret

OMITB's Latest Mystery Has Been Unlocked This Mabel's Past Secret ...

Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building ended its sixth episode with one of the most significant cliffhangers to date, with Mabel having committed an actual crime. Various theories were floated over who she attacked, or perhaps her sense of control was not how it appeared. However, the series opened unexpectedly, with Mabel awakening in a bed that was not her own and the eventual revelation that Mabels father is to blame for her memory loss on Only Murders, including one on the night of Bunny's

Warning: There Are Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 7 will be released. Mabel was discovered back in the Arconia, but not in her apartment. She was later discovered unconscious in Theos' bed. Mabel admitted that this was the first time she had experienced shock-induced memory loss.

Mabel grabbed a knitting needle out of her basket and stabbed at the person gazing towards her, only to discover that it was Bunny.

Was it true that this was what happened? At first, it wasn't clear, but as Mabel spoke, she had no clue. She couldnt remember finding Bunny; her brain was afraid to let herself relive the trauma in the hopes that she would discover herself guilty.

Mabel's experiences as a child kept interrupting the action. She remembers visiting her father (played by Mark Consuelos!) after he moved out of their house. The two did puzzles together, with her father suggesting they fold the pieces upside down to make them simpler toassemble.

Mabel's dad was a divorcing father who continually disappoints his children, according to these memories. As each successful memory of puzzling (and seeing The X-Files) faded, her father became thinner, and her hair disappeared. It turns out that his parents did not divorce. He had stomach cancer. It was rapidly progressing.

Mabel felt like she was somehow responsible for her father's death. Since then, her brain has prevented her from remembering painful events, starting with her father's passing. She was flipping the pieces, just like he told her, so she couldn't assemble the puzzle.

Mabel's realization of why she couldn't remember things was the key to resolving her memories. Both of her dad's peaceful passing in the hospital as she lay beside him, and of Bunny, who bled out in her arms, were also discussed in the memory. Mabel discovered she hadn't stabbed Bunny before she entered the house.

Mabel is in the clear once and for all, at least in viewers' eyes. However, with the footage of the train attack and the loss of the matchbook, it may be some time before the cops reach this conclusion.

Season 2 of Hulu's Only Murders is still available, with new episodes streaming every Tuesday.

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