Bob Odenkirks Nobody 2 is happening, and our scoop has been confirmed

Bob Odenkirks Nobody 2 is happening, and our scoop has been confirmed ...

The sequel to Nobody 2 is expected to be released in the near future. Thanks in part to Bob Odenkirk's ability to withstand the stress of his family. Also, for the way the original film ended, everyone who was still alive by the end was able to return to the film.

While Bob Odenkirk is wrapping up his greatest role as we speak, there is a further developing franchise on the way for the guy, who made his bones early on the comedic side of things, but has begun to transition that to, of all things, an action career late. It goes to show you that, nowadays, anything is on the table if you have talent in front of the camera. And that is why, nobody 2 is in the works.

The director of Nobody spoke with Collider (via Comic Book) about the possibility of a sequel. He gave the proverbial thumbs up that it was officially in production. And it appears that Bob Odenkirk, and everyone who was involved with the first film, who was still alive by the end, will be returning for this one. This is exactly what we desired to hear about this project.

The way the original film left the ending sounded like he'd been brought back into the game again in the final scenes. As their last digs were destroyed, Hutch gets a call that would suggest his specific skill set was needed once again.

We also saw his brother Harry (RZA) and father David (Christopher Lloyd) driving an RV full of rifles to an unknown location, which suggested there might be other missions on the way for the characters in No 2. He is likely to talk at least about this group of characters in the sequel.

Nobody was a surprise hit when it first appeared in the spring of 2021. It grossed around $58 million at the box office, owing in large part to Bob Odenkirk's ability to play the part perfectly. He starts out as an ineffectual loser who cannot stand up for his family. But what ends up being a tour-de-force of action.

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