Logan Paul is a big fan of professional wrestling

Logan Paul is a big fan of professional wrestling ...

Logan Paul signed a contract with WWE last month. After being betrayed by The Miz at WrestleMania 38, he immediately fled the sport. Paul also is a fan of pro wrestling.

Logan Paul fought it out withThe Miz in the WWE SummerSlam. He put on an amazing performance as he drew many high-flying moves, including his outrageous frog splash to The Miz from the outside.

Logan Paul took to Twitter and shared a video in which he talked about how much more he wanted to do in WWE. Paul stated that he is a huge fan of pro wrestling.

Im so addicted to this sport. I believe I've found my calling. I called the WWE executives, and I informed them that a multi-year, multi-event deal was on the way.

Im going to be performing all over the world, traveling everywhere. I just want more. I dont know where or when it will be just yet, but when I get back in that ring again, it will be massive, and you will want to see it. This is history in the making. I could not be happier to be a part of this universe. I'll see you guys soon.

The Maverick believes he has found his calling in WWE. He has signed a multi-year deal, so fans will be seeing him on WWE television for a long time. We shall see how he does it in WWE.

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