Wiz Khalifa Disputes DJs for Being Horrible during a Live Concert in Los Angeles

Wiz Khalifa Disputes DJs for Being Horrible during a Live Concert in Los Angeles ...

Wiz Khalifa, an American singer and rapper, reportedly yelled at two DJs in Los Angeles for being ludicrous. The performance was intended to be a commemoration of Wiz Khalifas sixth studio album, Multiverse, which had just recently been released. According to sources, the DJs were not playing songs from Wiz Khalifa's album.

On viral videos, the rapper can be heard saying the following:

Wiz says at the start of the video, if you want to fight, n**** we can. Yall n****s suck, please don't hug me b*tch. Yall n****s suck, play my new sh*t n****, play it n****, and play Bad Ass B*tches.

He continued his on-stage tirade by joking:

I went here tonight to advocate for you guys and have a good time, but you know what I will not do? I'll not be silent while these ns act like this behavior is acceptable. I just released my new music today, and I'm a real ass n dawg. Play my new music, dawg. It just came out today.

The rapper reportedly became enraged and seizes the two individuals' caps before throwing them into the audience.

The most recent album of Wiz Khalifa, Multiverse, was made available for streaming earlier this week on all major services, including Spotify. The about one-hour-long record also includes performances from THEY and Girl Talk. According to Khalifa, the intention of releasing the new record was to create something new.

Wiz Khalifa discusses DJ Mike Danger, saying that if he wants to fight, they can do it. https://twitter.com/kpYt9XVZxl

On Stereogum, the musician was quoted as saying: "It's a pleasure to have this."

The artist talked about the creation of albums by trying to find different moments for myself, whether it be a happy and uplifting moment like Iced Out Necklace or a club moment like Bad Ass Bitches or, you know, more serious or deeper moments or segues into things that I can accomplish musically.

Wiz Khalifa released his first album in 2006 under the moniker Show and Prove, then Deal or No Deal, in 2009. In 2010, he made the Kush and Orange Juice available as a free download. He later signed with Atlantic Records.

In 2011, he released his third album, Rolling Papers, which was backed by the singles Work Hard, Play Hard, and Remember You (featuring the Weeknd).

In March 2015, the singer released his fifth studio album Blacc Hollywood, with the lead vocal Byrne Dem Boyz. The song, which has since been widely recognized, ranked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the first time.

The singer's sixth studio album is called Multiverse, which was released by him following Rolling Paper 2 in 2018. He collaborated on several albums with Currensy and Juicy J and released well-known mixes such as Fly Times, Vol.1: The Good Fly Young in 2019 and Big Pimpin in 2020.

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