DEBUNKED: Explained: A Humpback Whale Swallows Women On A Kayak

DEBUNKED: Explained: A Humpback Whale Swallows Women On A Kayak ...

A video claiming to show a humpback whale swallowing two women in a kayak in Avila Beach, California, has recently gone viral online. However, this is what actually transpired during the incident.

The video was shot in November 2020, and it has been available online for a long time. However, many internet users are concerned about its recent surge in popularity.

In the haunting video, the two women, who are clearly in shock, fall from their kayak as a humpback whale emerges from the ocean.

Melissa Newman, a Twitter user, posted a number of images of the humpback whale and the two women.

When a humpback whale with its mouth open suddenly emerges out of thin air, they are silently pedaling away. From the viewpoint of the footage, there are several other individuals in the water.

In another video that was shot from a different viewpoint, the two women wailing into the lake, giving a similar effect.

Following the viralization of the video online, some social media users began implying that the whale had swallowed the women and then spitting them back out.

Many people believe the story because of the incorrectly labeled footage. It's far from the truth.

A Facebook post with the caption A HUMPBACK WHALE SWALLOWS TWO GIRLS IN CALIFORNIA sparked speculation that the whale had swallowed the women before returning them.

According to the article, the two girls almost became dinner for a humpback whale that was pursuing a school of fish.

The females were reportedly held captive in the mammals' jaws for a brief period of time until it spit them out.

Snopes points out that the women fell into the whale's mouth although the viewpoint gives the impression that the women fell into the whale's mouth.

CNN stated in 2020 that the two women managed to escape unharmed, momentarily submerging when the boat capsized before reemerging.

Julie McSorley, a member of the KMPH, told the station that she saw the large pool of fish and the huge bait ball rise up out of the water. I saw the whale rise. Oh no, I thought. It's too near.

I suddenly regained my strength and found myself in the sea.

Liz Cottriel remarked, "The whale was literally right here in my face."

Besides, humpback whales are unable to eat humans.

Despite the fact that the whale is capable of accommodating humans in its enormous mouth, a humpbacks throat measures about the size of a human fist.

Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student at the KIIT Deemed University in Bhubaneswar's Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) program.

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