Rachel Picks Tino On The Bachelorette With All The Clues Rachel Picks Tino On The Bachelorette With All The Clues

Rachel Picks Tino On The Bachelorette With All The Clues Rachel Picks Tino On The Bachelorette With  ...

Season 19 of The Bachelorette is already underway, with both drama and romance on the line. Episode 3, which aired on July 25, proved to be the most crucial moment of the season. They decided to completely change the course of the season, culminating in a new rose ceremony where the men would have to choose, once and for all, which woman they would marry.

However, this also narrowed the dating pool for both women. With regard to Rachel, it certainly opened things up for Tino Franco.

Their 1-On-1 Date

Tino and Rachel had their first solo date across the pond in Paris, France, enhancing the romantic element for their outing. Rachel said the encounter felt like a fairy tale. Tino was extremely gentle, allowing himself to get soaked in the rain while Rachel was dry under the umbrella.

Rachel had been discussing her fears about fully committing to the process for most of the season, however, Tino appeared to be exactly what she needed. At the dinner date with the duos, Rachel explained her fears about rejection, to which Tino was very helpful, confirming his willingness to assist her.

Rachel delved on her previous boyfriend, saying she hasn't been overly supportive of her busy schedule in the past. Your drive for your profession, Tino said, enthusing some of Rachels concerns.

Tino reiterated that he wanted a family, much to Rachel's displeasure. Before they both exchanged about how afraid they were of one another, they both admitted that they didn't believe they could win.

Rachel told cameras that she expects Tino to fall in love with her. Their date ended with the duo smooching in the background.

Tino Is Supposedly To Play In Rachel's Final Four

Our current season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is rife with spoilers. In fact, for over a month now, weve known who will be in Rachel's final four. However, Reality Steve has also rumors that Tino will be in Rachel's final two!

The Safe House Theory from Reddit

Another fairly widespread Reddit speculation, thanks to Reddit user workingbach13, is that Tino is likely to be refuted or confirmed. The same safe house that Clayton Echard and Susie Evans occupied when they got engaged.

Gabby and Rachel were at a press conference in Nashville on June 11 15, according to reports that they would have flown there on June 10. Despite rumors that Zach Shallcross may have been in Texas, the reddit user was unable to deduce that Tino was at a bachelor party between June 3 and June 6, potentially June 7.

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