Here's How To Rock A Shag Haircut On Straight Hair

Here's How To Rock A Shag Haircut On Straight Hair ...

The shag haircut is a textbook example. Since it first entered the zeitgeist in the 70s, the layered hairstyle has remained a classic, just look at the countless celebs who continue to wear it as proof (including Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Halle Berry), to name a few.

The shag is the ideal cool-girl hairstyle, according to celebrity hairstylist Mia Santiago. The shag cuts, which are choppy and undone by nature, are the perfect get-up-and-go style, says Larry Sims. When done correctly, shag haircuts are a great way to add texture and volume to straight hair.

1.Consider Your Face Shape

Sims believes that the way a shag frames and falls around your face is critical, as with any haircut. Rose believes that the goal should be to highlight your natural features and open up the face.

2.Affects Movement

Santiago explains that shags, especially on straight hair, are all about movement. When cutting hair, you want to make sure you're getting the correct amount of layers and movement, so returning in with thinning shears or point cutting your layers after the hair is dry is a fantastic approach.

Sims and Rose prefer to use a razor to trim off the finishing touches of a shag. Most of the time, you use the client's comfortable fringe as the guide. If your strands are straight, Sims suggests that it should be very blended, so that you just notice the movement in the hair rather than the actual cuts.

The Blow Dryer Makes Everything Easy.

Sims advises you to remove the round brush if you want to keep your sleek strands at bay while letting your layers shine. Use it swiftly and sparingly (maybe just at the roots) and without any comb or brush attachments.

4.Texture Product Can Be Found Here

Santiago suggests using mousse or a texturizing spray for texture and, for a piece-y appearance, a light pomade.

Devin Graciano, a hair stylist and head of Goldie Locks product development, agrees that the right products are critical. First, apply a soft pliable wax with your fingertips for the perfect amount of definition.

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