Rachel Sends [SPOILERCHER] Home After He Compares Her To His Ex in The Bachelorette

Rachel Sends [SPOILERCHER] Home After He Compares Her To His Ex in The Bachelorette ...

On the Bachelorette, Rachel Recchia andGabby Windey chose which men they want to pursue individually, but that didn't mean the show's 19th season was over. During the Aug. 1 episode, one of Rachels guys,Hayden Markowitz, was criticized for his actions. On the July 25 episode, Hayden started rubbing people the wrong way when he called Gabby rough around the edges, and this week, he was at the center of controversy again.

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Hayden defended his statements about Gabby at the start of the Aug. 1 episode. She said she used the words "rough around the edges." He insisted. She said that twice. So I used that word to describe her and I got it thrown back in my face. I think Gabby is quite mature.

While he was talking to the other men in the house, Hayden began comparing Gabby and Rachel to one of his ex-partners. They dont hold a candle to her, admitted. I dont want to just settle. I see how any guy in here could be like, I want to marry these girls.'

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Haydens remarks were especially offensive to another one of Rachel's men,James Meatball Clarke. He said, "They overreacted, both Gabby and Rachel." Its a terrible statement. That's not how you should approach a woman, right?"

Hayden discussed his close relationship with his dog at the cocktail party. She was surprised when she heard that he shared that fact with her. Tino Franco walked up to Rachel and asked for some time with her.

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Hayden admitted that it's very difficult to see Rachel's reaction to that. I'd have expected Rachel to say, No, Tino, give me a minute. Not get up quicker than she sat down. After that, Meatball complained to the other men about how it all went down.

Meatball told Rachel that he wants to be honest with you. There was a conversation I had with Hyaden at the mansion that was tense. It was after the rose ceremony. It was about breasts. And then he made a slanderous comment about you and his ex. It was something about breasts.

Rachel was caught off guard by what Meatball revealed, and she confronted Hayden with the evidence. Hayden thought Rachel was removing him from her job as a dog apologiser, and she was surprised to learn that. Im actually really upset about it because after what was said about Gabby in L.A, I was willing to go forward [with you] this week and the next day you went and said, "I cant trust these b****es?"

Rachel insisted that he would not make any claims against Hayden, but that he did not. I feel like I gave you the opportunity in L.A., and Im giving you the opportunity now to own up to it. This is the end of my rope, she told Hayden. Can I walk you out?

Hayden was clearly on the same page by this point, and he agreed to leave. Rachel was both upset and crying. Nevertheless, Hayden was happy to return home with his dog.

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