A New 'Golden Girls' Theme Restaurant Is Launching!

A New 'Golden Girls' Theme Restaurant Is Launching! ...

Before there was a little program called Sex & The City, there was a very famous and excellent television program about four incredible women galavanting around their home city. Yes, we were talking about The Golden Girls.

Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and (fan-favorite spitfire) Sophia were all on their backs through thick and thin in this classic 80s sitcom. Cue theme song and a full-throated thank you for being a friend.

Our Golden Girls have evolved into their very own cottage industry with picture books, shot glasses, Granny panties, and action figures, and now, lo and behold, the culinary gods have greeted us with a Golden Girls-themed restaurant.

Bucket Listers, an event company that launched TV-themed eateries like Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, has set its sights on establishing an octogenarian-inspired eatery with some pretty delectable options. Here's what we've learned so far about The Golden Girls Kitchen.

What's on the menu?

The menu from Lasagna Masterand Executive Chef Royce Burke is inspired by Dinos Famous Chicken, Secret Lasagna, and Wyldefire Hot Sauce. There are also dishes that take their culinary inspiration from the Miami setting, such as a Miami style Cuban sandwich. And of course, there is a variety of the foursomes favorite late-night treat, cheesecake.


Fans of the Golden Girls know that the ladies in the show liked to relax with a drink or two to recharge from their volunteer work or hot dates. Drinks on the menu include delectable delights such as Southern Belle Libation, Devereauxs Dealight, and Lemon Basicl Lannai Cooler. Although it's unknown whether or not these drinks are spiked, they sound absolutely fantastic!

Fans may expect to engulf in the Golden Girls ambiance.

Fans of classic television should expect attention to detail, and the Golden Girls Kitchen will not disappoint. The restaurant's interior draws inspiration from the series' pastel-heavy set, including a decorated lanai and lots of palm print. A fully-realized replica of Blanches' bedroom, with its banana leaf headboard and duvet cover, will certainly provide plenty of Instagram content for visitors.

During our research phase, no detail was spared, and no episode was left unwatched, according to The Huffington Post. We aim to relive the time when guests saw this program, while also bringing back fond childhood memories.

What are the best places to get a table?

Californians will be the first visitors to sample The Golden Girls Kitchen on National Golden Girls Day, July 30th! The restaurant will continue on a national tour, stopping in New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago.

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