Due to a rare blood disorder, Mandy Moore proposes an unmedicated birth

Due to a rare blood disorder, Mandy Moore proposes an unmedicated birth ...

Mandy Moore announced that she has joined the 2 under 2 club and is expecting her second child. While doubling the number of little children to care for may evoke worry for any parent, Moore recently revealed some other difficulties with her birth plan.

The star of This Is Us talked about an autoimmune condition called immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), which means she cannot receive an epidural during labor. "My platelets are too small for an epidural," Moore said.

Moore, who has a 17-month-old son Gus with her husband and musician Taylor Goldsmith, has gone down this road before. "It was horrible," she says. "I can do it again. I can climb that mountain."

"I wish medication was an option; the thought of it being on the table is so comforting." But we'll continue to push forward like we did the previous time."

Moore shared a super-cute picture of her firstborn in a big brother T-Shirt on Instagram, declaring that she is so incredibly grateful and blessed. Baby Boy Goldsmith #2 is coming this fall, and Gus will be the BEST big brother!!!

Moore is facing a variety of difficulties since she announced her pregnancy. While the mother-to-be was planning to travel and perform her songs, Moore recently had to take a break and make the difficult decision to cancel her tour early.

I hate taking my little corner to talk about my own life, but your words of love and empathy and compassion have meant so much, she wrote on Instagram. It's difficult to let yourself or anyone else down. It's also liberating to give yourself permission to be human and take a breath.

She continued:

Moore's fans know that she's willing to share the difficult situations and difficult decisions that mothers have to face and make. With an unmedicated labor on the horizon and two little boys soon taking over the house, Moore's hands will certainly have her hands full. Hopefully the joy and chaos will also provide some great inspiration for her next album and tour.

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