The Beckys So Hot MV Started Bella Thorne and Fletcher Get Steamy

The Beckys So Hot MV Started Bella Thorne and Fletcher Get Steamy ...

Fletcher released the official music video for her new song Beckys So Hot on Monday, August 1. The three-minute video features the star fantasizing about her ex's new girlfriend, and guess what? Bella Thorne has been hired to play Becky. The two's on-screen friendship is everything.

Fletcher sings on the song about her ex and their new partner while she lies in bed.

Fletcher says in a press release that her single is partially based on a true story. "I wrote Beckys So Hot a couple of years ago when I was creeping on my ex's new girlfriends' Instagram while I was in the studio," she said. "I accidentally liked a photo of her wearing a vintage t-shirt of my ex."

Becky's so hot in your vintage t-shirt. I shouldn't hate her, but I want to know how she tastes.

Beckys So Hot's original concept was inspired by something that actually happened to Fletcher, but the singer transformed it into something else by contemplating the difficulties of moving forward.

I found it easier to write something from the perspective of being in awe of [Becky], according to the author. Sort of like damn it stings that she's so hot, but I can't even be adamant about it because I get it.

Becky IRL, who is she? Fletchers new song is a tribute to Becky Missal, who is now dating the singers' ex-girlfriend Shannon Beveridge, according to fans. Fletcher's third EP, The S(ex) Tapes, was released in September 2020.

Beckys So Hot will be featured on Fletchers' forthcoming debut studio album, Girl Of My Dreams, which will be released on September 16. Make sure you get tickets to her Girl Of My Dreams tour before they sell out.

Beckys So Hot is going to be sensational live!

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