Tyler Cameron Was IG-Official With His New Girlfriend

Tyler Cameron Was IG-Official With His New Girlfriend ...

Tyler Cameron, a Bachelorette fan-favorite, has gone off the market. Nearly a year after his divorce from Camila Kendra, Cameron went public with his new girlfriend Paige Lorenze. Although paparazzi caught the couple canoodling in New York City on July 17, the couple didn't take their status to the gram until July 31.

Cameron posted a series of Instagram Stories during his and Lorenze's date cruise in Nantucket on July 31. The story featured a tanned Cameron next to a glass of wine and a charcuterie board. Could this date possibly get any better? Yes, as expected.

Cameron made his debut on Lorenzes IG on the same day she posted a video of him swimming in the ocean. He later reposted the video to his story. Then, on August 1, Lorenze posted a recap of her Nantucket vacation, including videos of the couple together.

Cameron told Us Weekly that the couple was newly connected, and she is an incredible lady, so you'll have to see what happens.

Back in June, ICYMI, Cameron, and Lorenze were first spotted sharing a purse in Cameron's native Florida. The two then went to a celeb-filled event in Montauk, New York. However, they weren't photographed together until July 17, when they were caught kissing on a stroll around New York City.

Cameron is apparently slowing down because to the fact the couple is long-distance. According to a source, they are not having a full-blown, serious relationship because they are often in different cities, but they are having a good time.

Here's hoping things stay rosy for this duo.

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